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A bunch of stuff I found on the sidewalk

Posted on March 20th, 2010 6 Comments

If, during the next few days, you come at just the right time of the evening, dear reader, you may notice that TCL suddenly looks completely different. Perhaps considerably worse. Perhaps better. Perhaps exactly the same. That’s because I’m playing around with new themes. Sure, they look nice in their boxes, but I have to take ‘em out for a spin – and I only have one blog. I’d like to add a TwitPic feed in there too.

If you look at the top of the sidebar you’ll notice the flipping Twitter feed and, occasionally, some of those updates link to TwitPic photos. These are taken by a spunky Samsung BlackJack the Second in the battlefield. Or the mall. Wherever the phone happens to be. Unfortunately, the quality could be better. Much better. But it’s a camera phone so all I can do is my best.

Besides, the TwitPic feed is meant as filler for, and sometimes preview of, the next post; not as a replacement. Something to look at while the blog takes a nap. I mean, if I don’t have that, I end up with posts bearing titles like, “A bunch of stuff I found on the sidewalk”, on a Saturday on which it’s obvious I’m just trying to fill up the hole in the pavement that is my blog.

historical map, plaque, pavement, sidewalk, 1858, toronto, city, life

Poor metaphors as well.

Oh, and I know it’s impossible to read the map (subpar photography too), but it has Church Street at it’s center with Yonge to the left and Jarvis the right. The northern city limit in 1858 was Bloor Street. It’s definitely not anymore.

plaque, bay, yorkville, pavement, sidewalk, toronto, city, life

Yorkville just seems like it’s been around forever. It’s probably that whole set-in-stone thing. It makes anything seem dignified.

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Stereotype greezee gangster

Posted on March 18th, 2010 5 Comments

For some reason I always fail to properly explain why I think the name “Don Valley” is so much fun. It’s probably because I have a crap Italian accent, but imagine saying that name with a good one. By that I mean borderline comical. Call him “Don Valli” if it helps the imagination. Add about forty percent stereotype greezee gangster into the mix and you’ve got yourself a one spicy meatball.

“Don Valli don give no favers to no ones, see? Especially not to rat basterds like yous!”

Unfortunately, the Don is not currently in a position to make any demands. As a recent Star article points out, it’s mostly a heap of mud and rocks at the moment:

west don lands, parkway, river city, pan american games, 2015, construction, toronto, city, life

Yup. Not much to look at. But apparently what you’re looking at in the photo will be the tower on the left below:

west don lands, parkway, river city, pan american games, 2015, construction, toronto, city, life

I’m still not sure exactly how this is supposed to work, but this River City project sounds like a mix of for-sale condos, social housing, and rooms for athletes in the 2015 Pan-Am games. Once the games are done, those will presumably go up for sale as well. They’re expecting the whole 4-phase construction to take up to ten years. Which probably means fifteen. The scale of the project seems ginormous; “City” doesn’t seem entirely inappropriate.

They plan to create two parks in the area, one of them under the wide Eastern Avenue overpass. That should be interesting. Better than what`s there now:

west don lands, parkway, train tracks, go transit, toronto, city, life

And these tracks run both regular trains and GO trains. This one happens to go to Markham. The locals seem to put up with it but it’s woefully inadequate if we’re hosting guests from other countries.

west don lands, parkway, stairs, bridge, toronto, city, life

We should be gracious hosts and show them it’s okay to spend their bolivianos / reals / guaranis / nuevo sols / bolivars / colons / quetzals / lempiras / cordobas / krones / pesos / euros / dollars here.

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St. Chug Chug’s Day & The Feast of the Sorrowful Morrow

Posted on March 17th, 2010 8 Comments

I have to say, if you’re reading this sober on or about St. Patrick’s day, and you have no existing medical condition that would cause or necessitate this state (sobriety), I believe you’ve missed the point. Never is the Irish tradition of drinking more deeply ingrained than on this sacred day. And I can’t think of another day, with maybe the exception of New Year’s, where imbibing is an almighty imperative. Maybe Halloween.

And, while we’re talking Irish, let’s talk cops.

old police car, toronto police, st. patrick's day parade, yonge street, dundas street, toronto, city, life

Hey, I just calls ‘em like I sees ‘em. The coppers were front and centre in the St. Patty’s Day Parade. I didn’t put ‘em there. But if that’s not supporting the Irish, I dunno what is. Then again, they do support Santa Claus.

By the way, all the photos here were taken this past Sunday, they seem more much apropos today, don’t you think? It was all green, white, and orange down Yonge Street then; today it’s mostly an excuse to get shitfaced.

st. patrick's day parade, yonge street, dundas street, toronto, city, life

Haha! I kid. Most of these people have been sloshed since Sunday. But it’s all in good fun. Not like anyone’s suggesting you go drinking and driving or anything.

st. patrick's day parade, yonge street, college park, delorian, dmc, toronto, city, life

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