Henry Porter and the Flying Museum

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I didn’t feel like getting an autograph from the Weasley brothers. I hadn’t really read their books. :( I’d heard of Henry Porter, though; not like I’m totally ignorant. I’d be ashamed to show my face down at the Science Centre again if I hadn’t done a little research.

But as I mentioned, I didn’t get around to reading the novels, so the movie(s?) is a bit of a hazy area for me. Fitting on a day like yesterday.

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I suppose it would’ve been good to get acquainted with the Henry Porter series before setting out, but I managed just fine. There was plenty of time to stand around and gape (hence learn), while groups were taken through. The exhibit is timed so that people get ample gawk time when actually in it. In the circular waiting room clips from the movie(s?) are played in faux antique frames on the wall, possibly to suggest moving paintings. Not sure why. Then a big curtain at one side of the room opens with a billow of smoke and you’re ushered into the museum.

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We were escorted through by Eddie Newquist and Robin Stapley, two gents from GES responsible for bringing the thing to Toronto. They were both gushing with enthusiasm over each and every item. Guess it took a lot for them to swipe the lot. Apparently even the walls are moulded duplicas of those used in the Dogwert’s castle. In the movie(s), I mean. That name’ll probably mean more to fans.

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Unfortunately, cameras and other life-saving equipment had to be left outside of the exhibit so I can’t really show you more than this, dear reader. And this came courtesy of the Science Centre. But if you recognize these objects from your favourite movie(s) / novel(s), you’ll probably want to give the exhibit a try. The tickets don’t seem exorbitantly priced and although I don’t really know what I was looking at, I can tell you it was a pretty impressive collection. Robes, books, furniture, what looked like magic wands, all sorts of stuff.

What an imagination!

The Weasley brothers seemed nice enough, answering all of our questions in a cozy Q&A at the end of our tour. I’m still not convinced I want to read their novels but the books seem like they’d be good fun for the kids. I bet if you threw some wizards and witches in there, you’d have a pretty good adventure.

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Also present there at the end was Lesley Lewis, CEO of the Science Centre. Someone got around to asking him the most obvious question before I did, and it went something like, “How does this tie into the Science Centre?” (On account of it’s supposed to be a centre for science.) Mr. Lewis replied with something about igniting imaginations, etc., but to be honest, that seems a little weak. If he’d just said, “We have a bottom line too”, I would’ve been satisfied.

Whatever. Good exhibit, I imagine, if you know what it’s about. But only on today and tomorrow, until midnight. Then it disappears! (in the 18 tractor trailers that brought it here)

Correction: The exhibit is actually here until late August; the midnight hours are for the opening weekend only. The TCL fact checker has been fired.

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  • Christine Crosbie
    April 10th, 2010 5:18 am

    It's too bad you went to the Henry Porter (though I'm told he's an excellent author)exhibition. Harry Potter:The Exhibition is on Level 6 (the bottom level), and fans (and non-fans) are loving it! It runs until August 22nd, so there's lots of time to see it still. Hope you'll come back!

    Read more from Christine Crosbie at: http://ontariosciencecentre.ca
  • Patrick
    April 10th, 2010 6:26 am

    Thanks for the correction, Christine. The midnight hours are for the opening weekend only (I thought it was odd that it was in town for only two days). :)

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