Fish ‘n chips ‘n Detroit

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And if the city continues along its current course, he said it’s not unimaginable that Toronto could end up in serious trouble, like Detroit.

“Toronto in decline: panel”, Toronto Sun, September 22, 2010

Oh God no! Not like Detroit!

The fish ‘n chips I was masticating weren’t satisfying.

I figured, hey, the menu says “our specialty”, so I ordered it. I’ve had good food at pubs before, it’s not unheard of (the Roast Beef Stuffed Yorkshire at your local Elephant & Castle, for example). Yeah, but not here. It’s on Queen Street. I want to spare them the shame so that’s all I’ll say. Maybe also that the pub has a black bull as a mascot.

Anyhow, really poor fish ‘n chips. And that bitter story, delivered to my table via the magic of the mobile age, along with mediocre tartar sauce.

Toronto is bouncing back from the recession.

The Conference Board of Canada is predicting the city will see a 4.7% increase in real GDP this year as housing starts rebound, the manufacturing sector perks up, people start shopping and major construction projects get underway.

“Toronto’s economy on the rebound”, Toronto Sun, September 22, 2010

This story appeared shortly below.

I flipped my plate to try the pedestrian-looking fries. As I did that, I looked at the times on the stories. I’d read them backwards – Toronto’s on the rebound and then Toronto in decline. And the fries sucked too — straight out of a freezer bag.

Oh no! Is this … Detroit?!

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