Midnight Roler

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…Rol San.

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I can’t in good conscience vouch for many of the spots that people call “establishments” around Toronto. Never went myself so I have to take them on their word.

Not the case with Rol San, though.

I distinctly recall visiting for the first time just over a decade ago. There were three of us and we sat at the front. I remember it being pretty decent.

My second visit was last night, and it was just like I had stepped into a time bubble. I think they got new chairs and possibly tables. Maybe a new painting or two. The staff may have changed but they haven’t changed their shirts.

The last time I was there I was quite a different person. Younger, more impressionable. More hungry.

This time around I sat a table facing my former self, ordered a mature portion of food, and had me some of that special tea. (The kind of tea you can’t get after hours in most places in Toronto.)

A single $10 dish is plenty for one person unless, like me, you prefer to put the food to the verity test — is it better the next day? This is particularly true of Chinese food — 24 hours is just about right for the MSG to truly penetrate the food.

Answer coming later today.

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