Doctors CAN actually be good :D

Posted on May 31st, 2011 No comments. The post is really that bad, huh?

On Sunday I reticently took myself to a new walk-in clinic (new to me, at least) and I was taken aback by something: people are really not the same and they can be really great!
Fancy that!!
It’s been a tough month or two (if u read my blog) and my experience at the clinic that day changed my perception of doctors and admin period.

So nice, so helpful, so…awesome.

I knew my boyfriend was someone extra-special from our first conversation (i asked him for the time and now months later we are stupid stupid happy and together =D) and he takes such great care of me that I thought no one could ever compare. Then i walked into The Albany Clinic and found out different, lol.

They rock and I love ’em so back off, j/k, but if you are in need of a new doc this is the place to go. I went to the walk-in but they all do rounds in the facility at large so come on down! : D

with lots of love and anti-inflammatory meds,

your gal Sarah…




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