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I loves me these sugar ships. I know they sneak into my pics a lot but they’re all a little different in their own ways, so as long as I can keep finding new angles, I’m snappin’!

Some park length-wise, basically blocking the slip. But unlike the port-hitched, big-ass, green scoops below, those asshole out-of-city parker ships (am I right?!) use a conveyor to push their raw sugar into the RedPath holding area.

Walked by the other side of that structure once and it’s basically a giant customs warehouse. This here’s international biznatch!

The other thing I whittle my idle hours down with is watching changes in the ship’s pitch. Notice in the pic above how the boat is leaning back in the water (the nose is toward the road). If I was going to pull a sugar heist (a cool Clooney-esque one, of course), I’d be hitting the back of that mutha.

And there’s also something nice about the change in names. Previously berthed ships had all these northern names like “Polaris”, or “Tundra”, or “Frozen Asscheeks”. Now the warm breezes are blowing off the lake over monickers like “Mandarin”. I’m hoping we can avoid “Inferno” this year but Environment Canada, in their usual wishy-washy ways, kinda, sorta, maybe, fifty-fifty, so-so, and otherwise maybe predict that this’ll be a somewhat hot summer. Possibly. Perhaps.

Hotter than last year?! Shit. Well guess where I’m gonna be taking more photos this summer!

No, seriously…guess.

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