Today I was shot in the back…

Posted on June 3rd, 2011 No comments. The post is really that bad, huh?

I was shot in the back yet again!! I say shot instead of stabbed because I am being literal here. At this point in time, on a daily basis, I get stabbed/shot all over my body and boy does it hurt!!

I recommend getting shot whenever you have to because it just might be GOOD for you!!

Wondering why? Well, I, like far too many others, have RRMS (relapsing-remtting multiple sclerosis), and as of now, the only approved medications (pharma) are all solely taken by means of injections. = (

‘Owwww!!’ is usually what I say followed by silence for a minute or two, but all of the Liquid Oragel in the world can’t take away all of the pain, just most of it.

That said, I stil highly recommend freezing/numbing the location, I mean, why use it every damn day otherwise…(  “Oooh, I think I lost sensation…”)

N.B.: I don’t suggest using it elsewhere…(Our nosy cat can confirm this by the screams after his nose touched the wet swab, again.)

The final steps after swabbing the liquid onto your location of choice (preferably a fatty one) is to decontaminate it with alcohol or something of that nature and to prepare a regular bandage as well. An ICE PACK  is also something that comes in handy to literally freeze out the pain and swelling.

Anyhoo, I just had to share with SOMEONE my tale of daily physical, kinda painful for a short time, getting NEEDLES STUCK INTO MY BODY and tell you I lived to tell the tale, after a few tears and a kiss. : ) Nerves of wobbly steel, baby… ;)

My awesome guy injects me each time mostly because I can’t bear to screw it up yet again!!I have done it many times and all of them with limited success, mainly because I am a bit of a chicken. (Does self-admitted take away the sting of saying the words out loud?)

So…that is how we spend most of our mornings. Soooo seedy, hey?? BUT when someone loves you enough to force you to take your meds and/or give them to you, THAT is someone who loves you.

If you have to do something similar I recommend being put in a great mood by your partner or nurse/doctor to relax your body because it makes it hurt much less. OR You can have a drink, but just 1 — it’s safer that way.

Shock and awe, I am a girl who loves a boy who loves to shoot me full of drugs., for all of the right reasons.

There are many more out there as well as wicked nutrition websites but I don’t wanna lead anyone down the wrong path for them.

message me if you’d like to! : )

Stay healthy!!

<3  SarahD <3

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