MDG’S + if they still matter.

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Are you familiar with the 8 #Millennium #Development #Goals  (#MDG)??

A few years ago I worked on a video for my UofT group (EWB – UofT/ regarding our government’s commitment to international aid + MDGs. If I can get my hands on that video, I’ll post it because the responses to our questions were so thrilling and yet the reality if that we as a country, province and a city made me sad.

Questions were asked regarding: Do we need to keep promises made from the past? is 0.07% of our GDP too much or impossible to donate to the international money pot? If other smaller countries are able to keep the commitment, why do you think we have not EVER kept ours?

Despite our promise made to the UN back in 1969 we STILL HAVE NOT KEPT OUR WORD, EVER. Now, you can say I am biased but Pearson thought it was worth thinking about and i think we should do the same.

If you’d like to make a difference I suggest you check out this site: and

TOGETHER we can make change happen, and Toronto being the most populated city in Canada who  donate 40+% of the Canada’s GDP,  I think we can definitely MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN. Together we can…

The reason for this post is PM Harper keeps making speech after speech about the economy et al. and NOT addressing our commitment to the world as a whole. Be a global citizen and take an interest one way or another.

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