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View from the top

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Somewhere near the 8th floor of the Corus Building.

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Sweets ‘n Guv

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Somewhere near Lower Jarvis and Queen’s Quay.

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Somewhere to rest your head

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Somewhere near Gerrard and Pembroke.

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The thousand word blog

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Well howdy, dear reader! Been a while, eh?

Thing is, I’ve not had much time to keep up TCL. Between my full time job, my nerd blog, my blurby pundit blog, my billion-dollar software project, an ever-hungry cat, and a girlfriend who’s Multiple Sclerosis tends to keep me busy, it’s kinda tough to write those long diatribes I used to dedicate untold hours to. Shame, cuz current stuff like Occupy Toronto is right up my alley.

But shit, I still loves me this city, I still have a camera, the internet connection’s still humming, and for some reason you keep coming back here.

So here’s the plan for the foreseeable future: at least a picture a day (it’s how TCL got its start and it seems reasonable), whatever comes off the Flickr feed, and if I happen to be inspired enough to spend the five minutes of the free time I have every day, perhaps I’ll work in some text. But that’s a definite maybe.

TCL is going back to basics — no more contributors, no more complicated topics, a simpler design; just Life in the City of Toronto in a thousand visual words (or less).

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