Why they’re wrong… @3:45 a.m…

Posted on February 7th, 2012 No comments. The post is really that bad, huh?

Hello all!

After a sleepless night in bed toiling over something I read yesterday, I figured I should blog about my new favourite subject– the Fordites!

What did they do this time you might be wondering (or why shud I care)… Well, lemme tell you! They seem to be of the belief that Mayor RoFo stands a chance in hell cuz he has the majority!

WOAH! (I can hear your thoughts! Creepy, huh?! heh).

Check out their math skills:
emergency transit vote called for by Karen Stinz — cllr for the TTC.
24/44 cllrs for her transit plan + for a proper vote.

The reason it needed to be voted upon is b/c RoFo never let council vote on much in the past!!!

Why not? Cuz he thinks he owns the entire city.

Reality: he won with 42% of the vote, meaning that the other % was split apart amongst the other campaigners.

But it all MUST BE TRUE because Rob Ford + his clan of idiots say so.

Yours truly,
~ SarahD ;)

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