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Canada scores B- in intellectual property ranking

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You can have a gander at the report yourself via the link above, but it’s interesting to note that Canada ranked a B- while simultaneously being put on America’s “watch list” as an IP infringer (i.e. our measures don’t go far enough).

Most notable in the category scores was a F (complete fail), in the “freedom and access to use” in public affairs category, and D grades for both “scope and duration of copyright” as well as “freedom to share and transfer”.

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Peter Milczyn blames Council for streetcar funds, should blame Ford

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The Star is reporting today that a newly found budget surplus, nearly double previous estimates, will be used to pay for streetcars purchased by Miller’s administration. While the surplus is bigger than expected (even though pretty much everyone but the Ford administration knew it), it’s worthwhile to note how the Fordites are continuing their divisive propaganda by trying to suggest the decisions behind the budget are Council’s fault:

“Council directed that the surplus be directed to capital purchases and specifically the new TTC streetcar order,” Milczyn said.

Except, guess what?

FORD WANTS TO USE SURPLUS TO PAY FOR STREETCARS…while some councillors are suggesting the surplus cash be used to stop other budget cuts, Ford echoed Budget Chief Mike Del Grande’s stance that the surplus should be put into the city’s cash-strapped capital budget…Mark Towhey, Ford’s director of policy, stressed Thursday that the city has to put a portion of the 2011 budget surplus towards the capital budget, particularly the TTC’s fleet of new streetcars.

So Fordo and his cadre get the surplus wrong, and then they go and point fingers at Council when in reality they themselves directly spearheaded the push for spending the money this way. At this rate, they’ll probably be blaming the insistence on subways on Miller too (because they were Ford’s priorities since day one, of course).

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What’s happening with Rob Ford vs. conflict of interest?

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Have you been wondering what happened to the lawsuit launched by Clayton Ruby against Rob Ford for his conflict of interest? Last we were told, the thing would be going to Superior Court some time in mid March but then all the reports went silent (along with the Toronto Star ban, the Boardwalk Pub libel lawsuit, and the election expense audits, to mention just a few).

Well, I got in touch with Mr. Ruby’s office and, for some reason, the conflict of interest lawsuit has been deferred to September (pretty much par for the course for all of the complaints against him now). Perhaps it’s because Justice Charles Hackland is coming in from Ottawa to hear the matter at a Toronto Superior Court (for three days starting on September 5th), but we once again have to play the waiting game while the Mayor continues to flaunt his refusal to follow the rules.

I just sent in a request to the Toronto Integrity Commissioner’s office asking why we even have rules when Ford just goes ahead and breaks them whenever he pleases. Hopefully I’ll get a response, but I have a feeling it won’t be very satisfying.

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