Shelley on a roll

Posted on May 14th, 2012 No comments. The post is really that bad, huh?

Councillor Shelley  Carroll tweeted a bunch of quotes from her day today including presentations from MGM Grand casino reps trying to set up shop in Toronto (with much support from Fordo and his bunch), and witticisms from Giorgio Mammoliti’s. These would be hilarious if they didn’t represent the idiocy currently running, sorry, attempting to run Toronto.

MGMGrand representatives: “We function best in an adult oriented town.”

Still listening to deps about Casinos. In 8 yrs, I’ve never seen so many Public Affairs firms represented in this room @ 1 time. And by Public Affairs I mean Lobbyists! Generally when you create REAL JOBS & Community Benefits, you don’t need a Lobbyist.

So I’ve been presented with this glossy, done deal picture book from MGM Grand!

Who could say no!?! Especially when it’s all up to the Province to wear the controversy! Sassy!

So Vegas, So Glossy!

So would a casino in Toronto be such a bad idea? The mayor and his slimey buddies don’t seem to think so. Folks in the US would probably say otherwise. But is it really surprising considering who’s supporting this?

Jumpin Jack Mammoliti: We will transfer the funds over to TPS to break up illicit card games.

Jumpin Jack Mammoliti: “If it’s the right decision I’ll vote for it. If it’s the wrong decision I’ll vote for that as well.”

Jumpin Jack Mammoliti: This is not organized crime. This is legalized crime.

Sage words from a man who once said:

When you’re sleeping with a prostitute, you’re probably sleeping with 150 guys at the same time.

Judging by his attitude towards hookers, it only stands to reason that the arse is equally cognizant of how bad a casino would be. Makes one wonder, then, where he gets off pulling 10,000 jobs for single moms out of his ass.


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