Conservatives try to have robocall suit tossed again

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Who needs a proper investigation with so much evidence piling up?

The Conservative Party’s latest salvo in response accuses the council of having “an improper motive” to Canadians to “damage the Conservative brand through unfounded assertions.” “The applications have been brought solely to provide the Council with a platform to criticize Conservatives, who the Council views as its enemy,” the motion says. In a tart response, Council of Canadians executive director Garry Neil says, “unlike the epithets thrown at their political opponents, we aren’t being accused of being Nazi sympathizers, or terrorists, or being on the side of the child pornographers.” “I only wish the Conservatives had put as much time and effort into their investigation of the robocalls scandal as they’ve put into chastising the Council of Canadians,” said Neil.

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  • Daniel J. Christie
    May 26th, 2012 9:03 am

    I first tripped over this story on The Globe’s web page. I have not seen it repeated in the print edition. If you ask me it should be front page news because of the line in the lawsuit (describing the Council of Canadians) about “professional agitators”. When I read that I immediately thought the language of the suit was straight from the mouth of Stephen Harper -because no self-respecting lawyer -even a Conservative/Reform lawyer- would use language like that. It’s self-defeating. Almost laughable. It conjurs Stephen Harper summoning the entire ship’s crew into the wardroom to explain the missing strawberries while he clacks those tell-tale ball bearings in the palm of his hand. Captain Queeg isn’t the only leader to cut his own tow line. Harper’s practically in the process of doing the same thing as we speak.

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