Toronto Sun reaches new height of journalism

Posted on July 17th, 2012 2 great comments. Room for one more!

The birdcage liner aimed at Toronto’s avid knuckle-draggers really outdid itself today. I am now no longer able to distinguish it from other vaunted tabloids like the Weekly World News (more interesting), or the Onion (more funny).

Story goes: dude walks up, sees other dude with bag on seat, screws up face, takes a photo, hobbles off on account of a gimpy leg. Didn’t ask for the seat, didn’t motion like he wanted to sit down, just cast a glance like, “who the hell are you to be taking up my seat with a bag?” Breaking news reported to Sun News who interview gimpy leg dude in the street; now front page of Toronto Sun and most likely running on high rotation on Sun News Network alongside the hot dog rat story.

And look, as of this post, 95 people registered their rabid displeasure at the event — that’s three times as many as the story in which a three-year-old boy kills his dad with his handgun.

2 Comments on “ Toronto Sun reaches new height of journalism ”

  • Daniel J. Christie
    July 22nd, 2012 9:06 am

    What impresses me about The Sun is nary a day goes by without a Stripper Story. In keeping with the DNA of Quebecor Media, The Sun has become The New Improved Allo! Police! They gave up completely on their anti-CBC campaign because, I think, the skeletons began tumbling from QMI’s own closet. The Little Paper That Grew? More like The Little Paper That Metastized. One-thousand, seven hundred and ninety-three columnists and two reporters does not a newspaper make. (But I will say it’s fun watching that doddering old fool Peter Worthington turn into the new Mackenzie Porter.)

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  • Patrick
    July 24th, 2012 12:31 pm

    Agreed :)

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