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“Humble” Ford fails again to do his job, lashes out at Stintz

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All those people who feel sorry for poor, voiceless, ganged-upon mayor Ford should consider that both he and his puppet-master / brother have a weekly radio show on Newstalk 1010 where they regularly cross the line on both taste and legality. They only allow callers who toe their line, and unrepentantly take the opportunity to openly insult and denigrate both fellow councillors and any citizens who disagree with the mayor’s “agenda”.

“This is what happens from a person that has never run a business in their entire lives,” Ford jabbed on-air in typical manner at Stintz after discovering that the contract for the concessions in the TTC (the candy / magazine stands, fast-food outlets, etc.), were sole-sourced. That means that no one else competed (or had a chance to compete), for the bid.

To be fair, sole-sourced contracts are something Ford raged about (along with Asians, gays, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.), and I think it could be successfully argued that they’re generally not a good idea. And perhaps Ford could’ve prevented it, or at least brought it to light before any contract was signed, but of course he couldn’t do that because His Lardness was too fucking busy coaching his high school football team to actually do his job.

Ford had missed countless meetings on numerous topics, including many that Stintz had requested prior to the deal. In fact, the deal was on the mayor’s desk since October 2012, completely ignored and unchallenged because Fordo can’t be bothered to do his job. That’s at least 4 months that he failed to perform his duties. That’s four months where he openly lied to the citizenry, claiming he was saving the city money, running the best administration the city’s ever seen, etc., when in reality he was fucking off early every day (or simply not showing up), to go coach his team.

And this from a man that claims that City Hall should be run like a business. Really, Robbie? If this was a business, your ass would have been fired a long time ago!

But Ford is a rich, entitled, rude career politician who’s built up a reputation of abusing power, deceit, hatred, insults, deflection and blame. This is why so many people are out for his head — Miller never faced this many lawsuits, and I’m going to guess it’s because he actually tried to do his job.

Now that the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act has basically been tossed to the curb (after really only one test run — Ford is the only mayor corrupt enough for it so far), the citizens of Toronto have no options. No options to impeach or otherwise remove Ford for his complete and abject failure to both do and be able to do his job (I can’t imagine what job he’d be suitable for, to be honest). Toronto is now set up to see a run of the worst, divisive, ineffective, and just plain stupid administration we’ve ever seen, voted in by a whopping 25% “majority” of Torontonians.

Ford will continue to fail to fulfill his campaign promises, insult the people he demands to lord over (i.e. everyone), skip work to go play, ignore laws and rules, ignore his duties, and just generally stay the deep-down dickhead that he is. After all, what’s to hold him to account on any of it?

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City planners initially rejected Restaurant Row condo, love it now that it’s bigger and more destructive

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City planners rejected the proposed tower at 323-333 King Street West when it was supposed to be 39 storeys, with 201 condo units. So the developer bought an adjacent property and redrew the tower at 47 storeys with 304 condo units.

Now the city planners are in favour of it.

A staff report suggesting that city council approve the tower comes to Toronto and East York Community Council Wednesday morning.

Al Carbone, the founder and longtime owner of Kit Kat, an Italian eatery on the city’s historic “restaurant row,” adjoining the proposed tower, is aghast. He plans to speak out at Wednesday’s meeting, even though he says the city never advised him of its change of plan.

“This gives nothing to the city and more to the developer,” Mr. Carbone says. “The tower got bigger. It didn’t get better — it got worse. I can understand if the building shrunk.”

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Sue-Annn Levy and the Hypocrites Supreme

Posted on January 29th, 2013 1 Comment

I know I’ve written about that hateful little troll, Toronto Sun’s Sue-Ann Levy, before, but now that the one man that could make her forget she’s gay (Rob Ford), has gotten off on a technicality, she is in full-on murder-everyone-who-doesn’t agree-with-you mode.

No, it’s not a “right” or “left” thing, Conservative versus Liberal thing (how did all the “Commies” suddenly become Liberals anyways?!), it’s an asshole versus reasonable human being thing. I mean, if she’s so hot for gambling and prostitutes and all the other crap Ford wants to swaddle the city with, why doesn’t she walk on down to the nearest street corner and spread that musty cavern of hers? Oh, right, it’s because she would have to do what she demands that everyone else do.

Because, you know, there is simply no other way for the government to make money, despite the offensive deposition Ford put everyone through while he was (we can only guess), snorting coke in some back room and completely ignoring everyone’s ideas. I know the coke thing is a rumour, but I’ve had enough experience with drugs to see that this is probably the case — the sweating, the holier-than-thou attitude, the confrontationalism, the ruddy face, etc. Chances of Rob snorting: very high.

Just to be clear, just because he may do drugs wouldn’t necessarily make Rob an awful person (except that he is), but I’m pretty damn sure he should not be holding office under the influence, driving under the influence, etc.

And the “technicality” term being tossed around? People like Levy love to use that word when describing how the mayor snubbed his nose at all the rules and laws of our city multiple times, or how he directly, knowingly, and willfully voted on something directly and monetarily affecting him. Those are “technicalities”, but the fact that Toronto Council wasn’t supposed to have imposed a punishment (hence the loss of the entire case), is not a technicality, that’s JUSTICE!

That’s also precisely how murderers, rapists, and drug dealers get away with it — legal technicalities are a criminal’s best friend.

But, you know, Levy’s just fine with that. People shouldn’t be held to account. Whoring out your daughters is a wonderful future for them. Getting into drinking and gambling, why, that’s practically next to godliness. Shouldn’t be surprising then that this creature passing for a woman would now be chastising Councillor Ana Bailao for her drunken driving charge, right? After all, drinking and gambling is precisely what we want in this town, so anyone who does it should immediately lose their job. (I’m sorry if this is twisting your brain — this is a Ford-lover we’re talking about here)

I happen to agree somewhat, drinking and driving is bad. Somewhat worse than, say, Ford driving while reading, or threatening the lives of passengers on a streetcar by plowing past its open doors, but the Ford-supporter hypocrisy is flying its true, shit-brown colours by defending Ford’s complete lack of regret and remorse (not even a hint of apology or a thought to changing his ways). Bailao drank and drove, potentially endangering many people on the road…the guillotine for her! Ford drove distractedly and dangerously an multiple occasions, unapologetically and directly endangering people on and off the road…oh, he just made a mistake; let’s use tax money and get him a driver!

And this is pretty much the Ford / Harper / etc. camp philosophy in a nutshell. It’s a philosophy that turns on others with the most outrageous slanders, hatred, and vitriol — remember Ford / Cherry’s inaugural speech? Of course, if you call them so much as “silly” they’ll call for your public hanging. They openly and gleefully promote vice, crime, selfishness, greed, money money money, me me me, to the exception of everything else, push on with bullheaded ideas despite any planning or consultation, and are basically oblivious to anything but their own whiny needs. And none of these characteristics are incongruous — these are just simply vile, offensive, pin-headed people. If you want to be nice, “petulant adult-children” works too.

The really sad part is that these people are so blind to basic human concepts like faith, charity, love, and kindness, that they’re willing to forfeit their entire family’s future on a momentary status gain. It’s all about feeding the overly swollen ego — me, me, me! And for some reason, they think that in the groups of selfish, uncaring, self-loving aggressors they move in, that they’re going to achieve some sort of universal love and acceptance from everyone by beating them down, insulting them, and making their lives miserable.

It’s really not that complicated…

Psychopathy: is a personality disorder that has been variously characterized by shallow emotions (including reduced fear, a lack of empathy, and stress tolerance), coldheartedness, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity, criminality, antisocial behavior, a lack of remorse, and a parasitic lifestyle.

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