Mammoliti and the rent-a-cops

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I don’t mean to make light of threats, and if this whole thing turns out to be genuine I certainly hope that Mammoliti gets assistance tout suite. I make no light of my dislike for the man’s political flaccidness,  but even if I think he’s bordering on criminality, I always hearken to what we’ve all been told is “proper procedure”. In other words, police (doing their job properly), a court of law (applying the law equally), etc. Or is this Utopian idealism now?

But don’t you find it odd that, if this is actually true, Mammoliti’s assertion that Executek International is holding on to some possibly dangerous (for him), evidence seems kind of the wrong way to go?

Perhaps Executek is dispatching shadowy goons to neutralize the source of the attack  — computer and phone tampering, as well as a “threatening letter” — but you’d think you’d double up and get local PD on it too, no? Seemed okay for the mayor.

Executek says cops will be contacted “when appropriate.”

Private police force. Neat.

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  • Daniel J. Christie
    March 21st, 2013 2:38 pm

    Yessssss….isn’t that “when appropriate” idea interesting? “Appropriate” by whose estimation, one wonders. Because the idea of contacting the police has been publicly mentioned and because evidence of criminality would seem to be in the hands of someone or something delaying the forwarding of such evidence to the police, then it is not difficult to surmise that another type of criminality -that of withholding evidence and circumventing the rule of law- might also be at play here. Worse, if no such evidence exists (and that turns out to be the reason for such spongy phraseolgy as “appropriate time”) then it begins to look like mischief, Mamolitti et al crying wolf for whatever reason. It’s all so wonderfully cloak and dagger, isn’t it? Gumshoes and cement overshoes. Gats-n-molls. True Crime! Well….unless none of it is true at all…..

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