Extraterrestrials among us

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There are many things that, at one time, were the exclusive domain of the tinfoil hat brigade. Claims such as the government spying on everyone, or that that same government is engaged in a global plot to enslave its citizens under corporate rule through coercion, outwardly hypocritical violence, fear and intimidationsecrecy, open criminality, and many massive rights violations, all promulgated by a colluding mass media as perfectly normal and certainly not worth informing you about.

Seems like those tinfoil-donning lunatics were onto something; it even turns out that tinfoil is pretty good at blocking out the types of radio waves that can affect a human brain. So these days, when those same crazies talk about visitors from other planets, I’m much more apt to take a few moments to hear them out.

I’m still on the fence about the existence of extraterrestrial creatures. Yes, I think the chance that other life exists out there is extremely good; intelligent life too. But I can’t remember ever seeing a UFO or anything that might look otherwordly so I can’t rely on any personal experience.

When I have to resort to trusting the accounts of others I steer towards those who have some established credibility. Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of National Defense,  for example, seems like a pretty solid bet. Not only was Hellyer a rarity among politicians (he had some qualifications for his position!), but he has remained a sensible and balanced public voice maintaining that UFOs are real and being covered up by governments worldwide. Contrasted against the way governments operate, Hellyer’s claims seem even more plausable.

Here’s what he had to say earlier this year at an official-looking “hearing” on UFOs and ETs in Toronto:

The truth is out there.

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  • Daniel J. Christie
    September 27th, 2013 3:27 am

    Years ago we rented a houseboat on the Trent Canal. I was never much of a skywatcher having spent most of my life in Toronto where there’s precious little sky to watch. However, one night, docked at Lovesick Lake, surrounded by total darkness, I took a glass of red and a joint and I went up top to lay on the roof and just stare at the clear night sky. It was the first time I was actually able to discern depth to the universe -as opposed to visualizing the stars as merely a flat canopy above us. I could actually grasp, for the first time, the idea that it all just went on and on forever, a vastness my brain could not process adequately. I don’t think anyone’s brain can process it all adequately. I don’t think we’re supposed to. How can there not be something else out there? I think there must be something else out there.

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