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Councillor James Pasternak summed up my sentiments pretty succinctly this morning — this should be “endgame” for the RoFoDoFo bros. Police chief Bill Blair was very reserved at this morning’s press conference, but even if details were scarce he confirmed and even elaborated on the Ford crack video — the “tape” is real, the cops have it, and there is more than one video connected to all of this:

Although he was in his rights to do so, Robbie flipped out at reporters who were (understandably) crowding him from the moment he stepped out his front door on this soggy, foggy Halloween morning.

This all stems from the highly redacted tome released by Justice Ian Nordheimer that went public today detailing all sorts of sordid scenarios and shady shenanigans, many involving Rob Ford. In fact, it appears that Ford and the video he claimed doesn’t exist were the prime targets of the police investigation.

Have a gander for yourself:

To continued Ford supporters, the conspiracy against their main man now covers all the major media (news, TV, radio), the police force, scores of lawyers and the judiciary, the majority of Council, and about a million or so people (the “lefty” “elites”) who really aren’t terribly fond of Fordo.

The initial TV commentary that I overheard on CP24’s former Ford apologist Stephen LeDrew’s show as I was dashing out the door this morning involved quite a few doozies (Lisi meeting with Ford and hand-delivering a mysterious white bag directly to the mayor’s SUV, for example), and I think it’s safe to say that it would be extremely irresponsible for both Nordheimer and the cops to have both released, and commented on, this explosive news if there is no follow-up planned.

In the tumult, the claim that Ford operated his Ford Fest without a permit (Karen Stintz – The Agenda, October 21, 2013), kinda got lost. Presumably this was the same Ford Fest that rudely pushed a proper permit-holding event out of a Scarborough Park (the “conflicting” schedule would make sense if one party didn’t actually have a permit), an event at which Ford gave out free beer, which would of course be illegal without a permit regardless of which event it was done at, not to mention making a mockery of both the Municipal Election Act and the Council Code of Conduct, which Fordo openly flaunted just for good measure.

And then there’s all the other stuff Ford did over the past three years in office, not to mention the ongoing litany of broken campaign promises which, with today’s announcement that Ford is supporting yet another tax hike — this time for municipal garbage collection — makes for a staggering record. I would call such things mere failures if Ford didn’t publicly stand in direct opposition to his own promises and blusterous claims.

Yet without so much as a measly fine for all of their infractions, it’s understandable why the Ford brothers might believe that they’re untouchable. As I write this, Robbie’s holding a quick press conference outside of his office to remind everyone that he’s going to continue doing his job because, you know, nothing’s wrong…


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Harper government horrified at prospect of less death, promoting human rights

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Just when you thought that the deluge of crap around CETA had stopped, it turns out that the agreement may be stalled, if at least for a while. But for reasons more troubling than I could’ve ever imagined:

Canada is balking at the inclusion of language in a final text that would refer to the importance of affirming human rights and non-proliferation efforts. The EU insists that all major agreements it negotiates contain language that promotes human rights and fights the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction — and it doesn’t want to make an exception for Canada.

In case you didn’t catch that, Harper’s government is throwing a hissy fit because CETA has a few clauses about human rights and dignity, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and other such bullshit. Thankfully, some sanity prevails here at home and heroes like Dick Cheney are safe to walk Canadian streets again. Yay!

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Hate to say I said so again

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We recently found out that the lengthy Union Station revitalization project is going to cost more than expected (with additional “future risks” looming).

But it wasn’t really that unexpected. Even back in 2009 when TCL was in its infancy and I hadn’t yet donned my politico cap I already knew that this would happen, as is the case with pretty much anything and everything government does (so, really, a no-brainer deduction there).

Ford did the usual — feign ignorance:

“Everything is on time, everything is on budget, until they run out of time and they run out of budget, and they come with their cap in hand,” said Mr. Ford. “We got to change something on preliminary planning, someone is dropping the ball. You just can’t ask for $80-million without someone dropping the ball.”

Yet others at City Hall assured us that no new taxes will be needed to make up for the $80 mill shortfall:

The staff report predicts that the city will be able to rake in more money than expected, mainly by hiking commercial rents in the retail area. That extra $98-million is more than enough to pay off the debt taken on for the additional costs, the report states. The city will, however, have to draw $20-million from reserves. The report recommends referring consideration of the new financial plan to the 2014 budget debate, and also asks for permission to amend certain contracts and retainers.

“It’s not going to cost taxpayers more money, which is the important thing,” said Councillor David Shiner, who chairs the government management committee. He noted that the rent revenue stream is expected to result in a $115-million contribution to a Union Station reserve fund once the debt is paid off, in 30 years.

Ah, the old we’ll-just-raise-the-rent-after-they’ve-moved-in routine — clever marketing! But, and I will gladly put this on the record again, it won’t turn out that way. More cost over-runs and “complications” are going to come, more “outraged” politicians will vow to “get to the bottom of things” without any real choice except to keep forking over the cash until the job is done, and so on.

We’ll see where we are in another four years, but I know where I’m placing my bets.

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

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I’m sure this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned how the state and its agencies are getting so bold with our basic, fundamental freedoms that to compare them to East Germany’s post-World-War-2 Stasi is in no way an exaggeration.

A constant, around-the-clock surveillance on all citizens, guilty or innocent, is taking place – that much is now well and publicly established fact. Granted, we don’t have the secret police disappearing people off the streets just yet, but both Harper (Bill S-7) and Obama (NDAA) have made sure that that kind of thing will be all nice and legal when they decide to roll it out. Or they just passed these laws for shits and giggles, maybe? Oh, I know, it’s just for the bad guys, right?

Thankfully, there’s a growing backlash in the United States:

And we’re seeing some fightback from the CCLA on the topic too. But government is just one tiny step away from business, and the same scummy lack of morals and ethics pervades both houses of rot and greed.

Just recently, Bell announced it would be sharing your data with third-parties to bring better-tailored advertising to your mobile phone. According to a contract which would otherwise be viewed as being produced in bad faith (but, you know, big money), Bell reserves the right to do whatever they want, whenever they want, as do most banks and other big business we are forced to deal with at a cost and by law — unless I haven’t heard and the Canadian government is using its own solely legal tender (cash) again?

Oh sure, you can opt-out of the ads, but only whenever they feel like getting to it. Oh, and they’re still gonna track you and share the data with whomever they please — just to be clear.

Bell one week

Rogers recently did something similar, albeit in an opt-in fashion. Funny thing is, if Rogers is the good guy, it really makes you wonder what kind of shit is going on behind the scenes at Bell. As you may recall, Rogers spent months fighting tooth and nail against having to tell the truth in their ads because they claimed it infringed on their freedom of speech.

Simultaneously, our governments are pulling the rugs out from under their citizens by clamping down on unbiased scientific information in exchange for government propaganda, which is almost 100% pro-business and pro-big-money, and increasingly just simply telling their subjects that they’re not entitled to any information or say on things like massive, global, secretive agreements and deals like CETA, which will directly affect most of them negatively for a very long time — importing dirt-cheap European labour while Canadians remain unemployed, higher drug costs (government “subsidies” come out of Canadians’ pockets as taxes, don’t forget), and I’m sure a few other surprises and gotchas too — not like anyone’s allowed to actually see the damned things. But we might get cheaper eau du toilette though!

Even the people who Harper claims that the fast-tracked CETA is supposed to help aren’t happy with it. Ain’t the first time he’s pulled this stunt either. But what does King Harper care?

He’s become so accustomed to getting his way that as he was busy throwing his appointed minions under the bus, he and his helper monkeys became enraged when most news stations refused to air his recent caucus speech because he demanded that only cameras be let in — NO ONE MAY ASK QUESTIONS!

But our benevolent government is throwing us lowly serfs one little bone among all this, they’re going to allow us  to look over results of drug safety analyses of Health Canada. Yeah! Now we’re allowed to see the information produced with the money that is seized from us in order to determine if something might kill us or not. Aren’t we lucky?! Of course, the previous reasoning was that they would be giving away business secrets with this information, which obviously trumps God himself.

Is it just me or is this shit starting to get real old?

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Take Robbie’s advice

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On the RoFoDoFo Radio Show yesterday, the two brothers, maintaining that they’re not bullies in singling out and personally attacking Ainslie for his subway vote, included a little advice for their audience: the only two papers worth a spit in this town are the Toronto Sun and the National Post.

These two stalwarts are, as the brothers pointed out, not part of the Ontario Press Council that recently cleared the Star and the Globe on their Ford reporting. All the other papers are Star sympathizers and the Council is a kangaroo court.

Alright then, let’s have a gander at what the Sun and the Post say…

‘I am so f—— mad at you’: Rob Ford to Sun columnist

“It was not a robocall, but Ford live and furious.

“I am so f—— mad at you right now,” he screamed, berating me over the line.

When I told him “I don’t care,” he became even more enraged.

He said “I am so f—– -angry” several times as I stepped away from the dinner table to take the surprise call.

It seems he was upset about my Thursday column.

In it, I called him out for what I thought was an unfair lambasting of a city employee caught in a picture appearing to be asleep–particularly when he himself has been embroiled in many controversies.

He took offence.”

“”I don’t want to hear these excuses,” Ford said of the apparently snoozing worker at the Carmine Stefano Community Centre in Etobicoke. “Really? No proof or explanation? No compassion? No one is allowed to have a bad day? No second chances?

Do you want us to apply that same standard to you, Mr. Mayor?””

Thank you, Toronto Sun. And now, a recent editorial from the National Post…

Robyn Urback: Councillors acting like cellphone vigilantes? Now that’s embarrassing

“”Mayor Rob Ford, of course, took the bait, calling the [Mammolitied sleeping city employee] incident a “complete embarrassment” and “black eye on the city.” As if this is the municipal incident that will bring down the reputation of the city.

“We cannot tolerate this,” Ford said at City Hall, seizing the opportunity to talk about contracting out parks and recreation jobs. “I want people to show up to work and do their job. If they can’t do their job, there’s thousands of other people that are willing and able to do their job.”

The event is low-hanging fruit for Ford and his team, which continues to tout its now-weary refrain of “ending the gravy train.” An what better cargo sauce than an apparent city slacker?””

“But whether he [the city employee] was actually sleeping or just inspecting the carpet tweed doesn’t matter much to the question of Mammoliti and Ford’s lowly decorum. As elected city officials, they should have behaved better.”

A big thank you to both sources. I strongly encourage TCL readers to read the whole articles, they have much more excellent information than I could re-post here, and you may stumble onto additionally revealing content beyond the cherries I’ve picked.

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Sunday morning funnies

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An excerpt from a recent Cracked magazine:


Robbie talking to Norm Kelly during this year’s TIFF:


Robbie answering questions directly and honestly:

A clip that never gets old:

Honest signage:


On oldie-but-a-goodie:


An uncanny likeness:


…and another portrayal by artist Mike Geiger:


Finally, just so it’s not all the disturbingly laughable Rob Ford, a random street altercation on Spadina:

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You’re welcome, Scarborough!

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This, Scarberians, is the brilliant Rob Fod who you allowed to get a hold of your money in order to build his vision of “subways”. Based on the video above, that will probably consist of some species of affordable unicorn covered in some manner of budget-conscious fairy dust that delivers crack cocaine to your front door, all paid for with magical gypsy gold and children’s dreams (that’s tax / fee / rent paying children, of course). This is the guy you handed the decision process to, allowing him to waste and squander what is now approaching a hundred million dollars while repeatedly “explaining” (Ford speak for “lie”), about how he’s actually saving a billion “dollars”.

The best part is how, throughout the entire process, Rob Ford kept all of his promises. Like his constantly-“guaranteed” no tax hikes, or the fact that he has managed to do everything he said he would with no service cuts, just as he promised. And above all that, I admire how honest and forthright Rob Ford and his brother have been with everyone about everything.

Then I recall how this man has given all of Toronto a heartwarming 30-year gift, his carefree attitude to anything and everything else having to do with transit, and his ability to maximize the time and money spent on a project while minimizing its value, and I am left in utter awe and amazement.

Boy, Scarborough, you really done good!

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Middle of the road

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If, for some bizarre reason, you happen to read this blog and you’re a Ford supporter, first off, kudos for making it this far without losing your shit (or at least keeping it out of my face). Second, I’m going to propose that we have something in common.

I’m totally serious.

Assuming that the Ontario Press Council had ruled against the Toronto Star, and the Globe and Mail, etc., would you agree that the Council should have some real teeth to go after infractions? Maybe monetary penalties? Maybe something tougher? Well me too.

Oh, I think the ruling was right on, and I would’ve been surprised at anything else. But I would want these oversight agencies, while being diligently transparent, to have the power to affect and mandate some actual change. Change like holding Ford to account, for starters.

We don’t have to get all medieval on anyone’s ass, just get a little closer to what they do in the private sector, as Ford and friends so wisely suggest.

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Not even remotely truthy anymore

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As Rob and Doug Ford took to the airwaves to promote their continuing assholery in picking on exclusively one councillor for his vote (19 other councillors voted the same way as Ainslie — obviously they’re not singling him out!), in Rob’s most recent pet project (subways for Scarborough), the compounded stream of pure lies and disrespect for both voters (a.k.a. taxpayers), and just plain common sense hit new heights.

In fact, it can now be accurately, and without exaggeration, be stated that most of what comes out of Rob and Doug Ford’s mouths are complete and utter lies. And when, on the rare occasion that they manage to say something even remotely truthful and accurate, they still manage to fill their claims with all sorts of bullshit, derision, and spiteful hypocrisy. What the Fords say and what they do are more often than not exact opposites; just browse a bit through this blog — the number of examples is staggering.

Here’s just a smattering from the radio show:

Caller Paul from Scarborough challenged the Fords’ claims that the Scarborough LRT, the above-ground alternative to the subway, will lead to “ripping up roads” and all of the other deceitful fear mongering that the two Fords have been menacing Torontonians with. He accurately called them “liars”, and provided a variety of facts to back this claim. Turns out the environmental assesments have all been paid for and done, and most of the LRT route would cover the existing Scarborough Rapid Transit tracks (i.e. no ripping up of roads, etc.) The Ford “plan” scraps all of those years of effort and costs a whack of money (based on previous EA costs, $1 million seems like a conservative number), in favour of back-of-the-napkin calculations, seemingly done by a 3-year-old (though apparently no one’s seen it so that’s really just a best guess).

Doug’s dismissive response was to entirely ignore all of these facts and instead respond with the usual Fordian drivel, “Do you believe in a two-tier transit system?”. No facts, no reports (even skewed ones!) to his singular claim — nope, Doug just called Paul a “liar” and then proceeded to heap lie upon deception upon insult.

Doug also included Josh Matlow in his dis session, most likely because Matlow is one of those disgusting downtown “elites” who know how to count and read; according to the Fords, all Toronto newspapers and magazines are tools of the wasteful “elite” now that they’re questioning the brothers, so start burning your books, Ford Nation!

Ensuring that his brother wasn’t the only one publicly spreading incorrect / incomplete information, Rob added that the average household will pay $10 a year extra as part of a property tax increase (yet another topic demonstrating the Fords’ double-crosses). The numbers are actually closer to $38 per year for the next 30 years, and that doesn’t cover the cost of running the new line. I wouldn’t call this last part a lie — it’s entirely possible that this is simply just another example of Ford’s willful, bull-headed ignorance.

Continuing the radio program, Robbie went on to express his outrage at the expenses of Pan Am Games officials, which almost threatened to shine a ray of honesty onto the Ford administration until I recalled how completely unconcerned he was (and continues to be), when Pan Am organizers met with him and basically refused to discuss the costs of finding a mascot for the event. This would look pretty bad in and of itself, but it takes on Fordian proportions when you consider that Rob’s former hand-picked Chief of Staff Amir Remtulla has been Pan Am’s vice president for well over a year, and the guy in Amir’s position prior to that was none other than Nick Kouvalis, Rob’s previous Chief of Staff and the man generally credited with getting Ford the mayoralty. And this outrage-in-absentia isn’t uncommon for Fordo.

So in case you missed that, Rob Ford not only knowingly allowed secret Pan Am spending to occur on his watch without lifting a finger (this doesn’t even include the number of times that the Games were before Council as votes, reports, etc.), but he personally appointed the people who he now feigns outrage at. Not that there’s any insinuations of impropriety, mind you — unlike Ford, all of the Pan Am executives’ bonuses were above board. And while I agree that the bonuses are quite exorbitant, it doesn’t address the fact that Rob and his brother knew about them for years and did absolutely nothing about them. Actually, that’s not 100% correct — Ford is directly responsible for ensuring that some of those people received the exorbitant bonuses.

The bullshit didn’t stop there.

Rob continued by telling guest sports commentator Mike Toth about the lessons he learned from coaching football — the importance of being on time — a wonderful example to teach newcomers to Canada what the word “hipocrisy” means. If that example doesn’t quite hit home, there’s always the follow-up statement that Robbie made on the radio show by repeating his claim that City Hall has a spending problem, not a revenue problem, and he calls bullshit on higher taxes and other revenue “tools”. What he actually meant is that he thinks you’re so fucking stupid that you won’t remember that he voted to increase property taxes by 1.6% all while simultaneously decrying any tax hikes, and at the same time hiking trasit fare and reducing services, championing massive police budget increases, cutting Councillor pay, wasting hundreds of thousands in unjustified firings, and millions in ass-backwards (some believe illegal) decisions … hell, I could go on for hours, but you get the picture.

It’s gotten to the point where that old joke has taken on a sad new gravity:

You know when the Fords are lying when they open their mouths.

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Ainslie quits, Ford blameless and innocent

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The sieve that is Rob Ford’s administration continues to leak the vital fluids of the municipal body of City Hall consisting of staff and fellow councillors. Yes, the analogy is as lousy as Ford’s retention rate.

I’ve lost count as to how many people have decided to stand up against Ford’s petty tyranny, but this time around it’s councillor Paul Ainslie jumping ship from Ford’s executive committee, saying that the blubbery one bullied him and other councillors into making ass-backwards, idiotic decisions based on fantasy, bluster, and lies (a.k.a. Ford “logic”).

The back-breaking final straw came with Ford’s bull-headed insistence on subways for Scarborough, now enacted and thereby sealing the fate of that whole part of the city for decades.

“I think it’s irresponsible of me to go to taxpayers and say ‘here’s a basically free LRT being given to you’ or ‘you can spend a billion plus dollars on a subway that’s going to take 10 or 20 years to build,’” he said. “I don’t think there’s enough planning from the mayor’s office on how to ease gridlock in this city, or public transportation, or just getting people to work.”

Complete lack of planning, entirely made-up facts and arguments, lies, name-calling, law breaking, denigration and attacks and finger-pointing: all in a typical day for Rob Ford and his brother.

Ensuring that his ignorance was on full display, Robbie followed up the vote by saying that downtowners have enough subways and there’s just no reason why anything needs to be done to accommodate an influx of extra commuters (you know, with these new subway lines that he pushed through), into an already at-capacity system.

But Rob Ford, being justifiably emboldened, decided to take it one step further, once again breaching a bunch of laws in the process (he’s already been openly and illegally campaigning for over a year), and following his buddy Stephen Harper’s cue in placing automated calls (a.k.a. robocalls) to Scarborough residents specifically to rat out Ainslie as the only person to vote against subways (and for LRTs).

Of course, the bloated one didn’t bother to mention how he personally voted to increase Scarberians’ property taxes to pay for his bullheaded project, after years of screaming about the evils of any new tax hikes, etc. etc. — directly contrary to his campaign promise, and everything he’s claimed up until very recently. Ford is so dishonest that he managed to flip flop four times on a single motion — actually voting against himself!

This comes shortly on the heels of more political hypocrisy (laced with heaping dollops of ignorance), from the Fords as they rejected a Toronto memorial for Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Asked about why he supported honouring late NDP leader Jack Layton with a statue on the waterfront, Ford said, “Mr. Layton did a tremendous amount for the city. Pierre Trudeau did not.”

That’s the hypocrisy part…

Contrary to Ford’s assertion, Councillor Peter Milczyn, who seconded the motion, said Trudeau made a significant contribution to Toronto with the creation of Harbourfront Corp. in 1972, which “started opening up the water’s edge.”

“He is one of the great prime ministers the country had; the father of our Constitution and Charter of Rights,” Milczyn said. “He is a person that a lot of people look up to and admire. So I think it’s reasonable that in Canada’s biggest city we would have some kind of commemoration of him.”

He was not surprised that the Ford brothers reject the idea.

“If people want to be hyperpartisan here, they can answer for it,” he said.

For his part, Doug Ford chided Milczyn as he passed him on press row, joking that “he would name his ward after Trudeau if he could.”

…and that’s the ignorance part; what a surprise — the Ford brothers, having been in politics since before they were born don’t have the first clue about history, major political figures, etc. That’s not just me saying that … Rob Ford confirmed repeatedly and publicly that he has no idea how to do his job and doesn’t want to know how to do his job (or he’s very selective in his knowledge).

Claiming that Milczyn is hot for Trudeau is yet another great example of the bigoted, ignorant, hateful pot calling the kettle …  well, you know.

But Ford Nation is easily distracted by shiny things like jangly keys or the ever-present rivulets of sweat pouring off Ford’s brow, so none of what would otherwise be devastating scandals stick. None of his lies register. The fact that he does the exact opposite of what he says doesn’t seem to make a difference. His “plans” don’t warrant so much as a second look; that would mean that they got a first look to begin with.

I’ve even read chilling newspaper commentary in which Fordites openly state that they don’t care who Ford rapes or kills as long as it saved them a few bucks (or something to that effect — I’m hoping to find the exact quote). They don’t care that he’s connected to drug and gun smuggling, murder, extortion, etc.,  because he put $0.16 a day in their pockets (actually, he’s taking $0.08 out of their pockets but … you know …  math is hard).

It’s gotten so ridiculously delusional that brother Doug, now having run through his blame roster (the lefties, the media, anyone who doesn’t suck their weewees, etc.), and is turning his attention to the cops, not-so-subtly suggesting that they’re leaking information to the Toronto Star in increasingly paranoid and desperate rants, responses to the almost daily deluge of news that he and Rob are deeply connected to major criminality.

Yeah, Dougie, the whole world is out to get you and your angelic, virginal, pure brother. You’re both outstanding vestiges of honesty and virtue…

“When I’m out at an event … I’ve never seen Rob drink.  At family functions, I’ve never seen Rob drink,” [Doug Ford] says. – Newstalk 1010


“Rob and I are average guys, we go down to a festival, we have a couple of beers,” said Doug Ford, who added there were police officers in the area who saw them. – Huffington Post


In May the Toronto Star reported allegations that Ford showed up drunk at an official function. At the time Ford dismissed the report as nothing but “lies” and his brother added he’s never seen the mayor drink at any event.

In 2006, before Ford was mayor, he admitted he had too much to drink and verbally abused a couple at a Toronto Maple Leafs game after initially denying the incident.

In 2010, Ford recounted an incident from the 90’s where he was charged with driving under the influence and marijuana possession. Ford at first denied the allegations, but later pleaded no-contest to the impaired driving charge and the drug charge was dropped. – Huffington Post


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has become the latest Canadian politician to admit he’s tried marijuana.

“Oh, yeah. I’ve smoked a lot of it,” he told reporters Wednesday, according to the Toronto Star. – Huffington Post

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