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Posted on October 21st, 2013 Won't you help brighten a lonely comment's day?

On the RoFoDoFo Radio Show yesterday, the two brothers, maintaining that they’re not bullies in singling out and personally attacking Ainslie for his subway vote, included a little advice for their audience: the only two papers worth a spit in this town are the Toronto Sun and the National Post.

These two stalwarts are, as the brothers pointed out, not part of the Ontario Press Council that recently cleared the Star and the Globe on their Ford reporting. All the other papers are Star sympathizers and the Council is a kangaroo court.

Alright then, let’s have a gander at what the Sun and the Post say…

‘I am so f—— mad at you’: Rob Ford to Sun columnist

“It was not a robocall, but Ford live and furious.

“I am so f—— mad at you right now,” he screamed, berating me over the line.

When I told him “I don’t care,” he became even more enraged.

He said “I am so f—– -angry” several times as I stepped away from the dinner table to take the surprise call.

It seems he was upset about my Thursday column.

In it, I called him out for what I thought was an unfair lambasting of a city employee caught in a picture appearing to be asleep–particularly when he himself has been embroiled in many controversies.

He took offence.”

“”I don’t want to hear these excuses,” Ford said of the apparently snoozing worker at the Carmine Stefano Community Centre in Etobicoke. “Really? No proof or explanation? No compassion? No one is allowed to have a bad day? No second chances?

Do you want us to apply that same standard to you, Mr. Mayor?””

Thank you, Toronto Sun. And now, a recent editorial from the National Post…

Robyn Urback: Councillors acting like cellphone vigilantes? Now that’s embarrassing

“”Mayor Rob Ford, of course, took the bait, calling the [Mammolitied sleeping city employee] incident a “complete embarrassment” and “black eye on the city.” As if this is the municipal incident that will bring down the reputation of the city.

“We cannot tolerate this,” Ford said at City Hall, seizing the opportunity to talk about contracting out parks and recreation jobs. “I want people to show up to work and do their job. If they can’t do their job, there’s thousands of other people that are willing and able to do their job.”

The event is low-hanging fruit for Ford and his team, which continues to tout its now-weary refrain of “ending the gravy train.” An what better cargo sauce than an apparent city slacker?””

“But whether he [the city employee] was actually sleeping or just inspecting the carpet tweed doesn’t matter much to the question of Mammoliti and Ford’s lowly decorum. As elected city officials, they should have behaved better.”

A big thank you to both sources. I strongly encourage TCL readers to read the whole articles, they have much more excellent information than I could re-post here, and you may stumble onto additionally revealing content beyond the cherries I’ve picked.

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