The CRA violates my rights again

Posted on June 26th, 2014 No comments. The post is really that bad, huh?

Today I received my pay stub for tomorrow. Surprise! The Canada Revenue Agency is now taking 66.5% of my every pay! Most ever!!


When was I warned that this was coming? Never. No one from the CRA called me, sent me a letter, or even so much as sneezed in my direction. If it wasn’t for the above pay stub, I wouldn’t have even suspected (until tomorrow, of course). I got HR to send me the CRA letter (dated the 12th) which claims that I still owe around $7,000 (no doubt all interest and penalties), and that they’re now seizing 50% instead of 30%. Period. No explanation.



If it wasn’t for this letter, which I had to ask my employer nicely for (they’re not even sure if they’re allowed to share it with me!), I would have no idea which bright new CRA collections agent was now fucking over my life (they’ve even switched cities by half a continent — most previous CRA contacts were in B.C.). Note the little “c.c.” at the bottom too which they’ll probably use to claim they did contact me and this is my problem. Still waiting for my “c.c”…

Oh, I know, maybe they sent it to the wrong address! And half of it in French!

This comes after I had provided them with a detailed breakdown of my income, bills, etc. So they know that they’re leaving me without the ability to pay my loans, rent, bills, or pay for food. I may be able to do two of those next month, if I’m lucky. They purposefully, knowingly fucked me over, just like the CRA’s other crimes and provable Charter Rights violations.


I don’t know what recourse I have. I can’t hire a lawyer, and even if I could, the CRA will continue to violate my Rights while I attempt to go up against their limitless resources (which they got partially from me). Maybe I should start releasing real names and contact info, and maybe a nice long narrative thread complete with evidence. If there’s a newspaper, magazine, or good cop out there reading this, now would be a good time to jump in!

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Update: Oh, they did mail it. I found it on the floor in front of my mail slot when I got home today. Makes sense considering they sent it on Monday. Timely notice of 0 days (an improvement!)


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