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I did this!! please read and think it over then empty your wallets! lol! i kid.

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Hi there incredible readers! You are like family to us and we value every click and comment. Your voices don’t go unheard- ever. Furthermore the comments you make are often a topic we expand upon at meal time!


I know that I’ve been derelict on blogging but that is for a few significant reasons. As some of you know, I have MS, or THE DEVIL, lol. Over the  years my health has spiraled downward and my neurologist has finally GIVEN UP on me and us.

I have been unable to much of anything independently and rely on Mr. P for EVERYTHING except for this post and the fundraising one too. HE DOESN’T GIVE UP SO I PROMISE THAT I WONT EITHER.

While the situation is kind of sad it is also empowering too. Better mindset, better life, right?

We have decided to do what we LOVE which is CYPHERPOKER and see what happens! If you have a positive outlook you can do anything, even conquer THE DEVIL ;-)

We believe that just because someone says NO – the doc for example – we don’t quit or back down.

Recently things have been looking up re: CYPHERPOKER and I do hope you stick around!



your girl,



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My awesome DD with my man, my friends and great Thai food many moons ago…..

Posted on May 9th, 2013 4 Comments

Hi guys! it’s Sarah here trying for the 1,000 time to publish a successful  food review! lol

Now, my Double Date guests are a couple I met on FaceBook! Michael is a trusted friend for quite some time and he arrived in Toronto to visit me with his GORGEOUS wife Luana, a brazillian beauty!

Because I tell him all of the time how much I love this small place down the street called SABAI SABAI & drinks, he FINALLY  came to town! What a friend!

Patrick wondered about this strange dude that his girl talks to all the time! Always the bodyguard, Patrick and I  approached the table cautiously with me smiling like a fool! Seeing my friend Michel in person rocked my world and meeting his superstar wife was brilliant.

After introductions, we ordered. We decided on getting several tapas style sharable dishes to begin with. One Masaman curry with perfectly prepared shrimp delicious gravy, and some red peppers – $7; some sticky rice – $3.  Now, this curry dish is too spicy or my palate, however Luana practically devoured it! Michael then ordered our FAVOURITE  dish  Kal Soi with egg noodles and super tender chunks of beef, curry, veg, and for presentation sake some FLASHED FRIED noodles which gave the dish height, drama, and excitement! 8-11$ :D

To test his heat tolerance, I ordered what is usually the hottest dish on the menu, their Green Mango salad. With Thai Bird chilies and Habanero ones too secretly mixed in to the mélange, Michael claimed that it was not spicy whatsoever… We knew the truth though!

Dessert changes regularly but ranges between $5-7 and have some Thai flavor too, lemongrass frequently takes a staring roll.

In the end, we ordered half the menu many alcoholic drinks at 5-6$ each the total was still under $120  including tax and tip!

Split between 4 people we say, it is THE spot you should check the next time you are trying to make reservations.

Tip from me to you: call ahead because it gets busy! Order as much as you can! ;-)


~ SDot.


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City planners initially rejected Restaurant Row condo, love it now that it’s bigger and more destructive

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City planners rejected the proposed tower at 323-333 King Street West when it was supposed to be 39 storeys, with 201 condo units. So the developer bought an adjacent property and redrew the tower at 47 storeys with 304 condo units.

Now the city planners are in favour of it.

A staff report suggesting that city council approve the tower comes to Toronto and East York Community Council Wednesday morning.

Al Carbone, the founder and longtime owner of Kit Kat, an Italian eatery on the city’s historic “restaurant row,” adjoining the proposed tower, is aghast. He plans to speak out at Wednesday’s meeting, even though he says the city never advised him of its change of plan.

“This gives nothing to the city and more to the developer,” Mr. Carbone says. “The tower got bigger. It didn’t get better — it got worse. I can understand if the building shrunk.”

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The right to Run!

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Lighter side of life…

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This fall has been just amazing for myself and our family.

First off, I got to have the birthday’s of all birthdays! I honest to God did not expect that I got to have 3 bday celebrations thx to the bestest man in the world! (my birthday was October 1).

Friday, Saturday, Sunday (I treated Him to a private brunch!).
That brings us to Monday, Oct 1, 2012, the best surprise gift day I ever got!!
What was so special? Patrick made reservations forTwo at the Fairmont Royal York!

Brunch was beyond words amazing and fairly priced to boot!

We have since gone to Kit Kat on King West, etc etc.

If you’re in town hit me up and we can go to great places together!

Love is healing my heart body and soul AND throw in some good food then you have it made!

PS: follow your life’s passions and have a drink to celebrate!


SarahD <3

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This week’s Awesome happenings!

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Hello again to the desk (bed… ) of SarahD!

On Monday at 10:32am Mayor Robert Bruce– who names their kid Bruce?) Ford got FIRED!! :-)
He intentionally breached the codes of office and a high court judge told him what was what.

The man who fires people at will clearly received the city’s retribution.

I have some questions for you all: do you think that he did what he did intentionally?

Given the dynamics of the Ford family, do you believe that played a part in the manner of Rob’s tenure as Mayor?

I frequently wonder if things would have been different had DOUG not had been sitting there telling him how to function lol.

Would Rob Ford have been a good Mayor of Toronto all by himself without Doug?

I can understand that family is family and they should be by one’s side however, Toronto did not elect a two-person Mayor…

My thoughts request your thoughts so feel free to write back!

Peace, love, and good health to you,

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A cyclist was killed in Toronto this morning, but it won’t be the last time |

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‘Olivia Chow is no Jack Layton’: Doug Ford likes brother Rob’s re-election chances

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Rob Ford skips court to coach football | NOW Magazine. When he leaves office I hope I pay him no mind! This guy must either get a clue, get punished, or just plain collapse. Harsh? Not nearly harsh enough for him/ them.

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Hello again! :-)

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I’ve returned from my prolonged sabbatical and ‘familial difficulties’!

So where do I begin? Jerkface downstairs terrorized us to the point where I finished half of my prescription bottle ofAnti-anxiety meds, some with Amaretto… Cops, tears, and LITTLE SLEEPING ; I had to protect my family.

Re:my MS– I’m just OK. I’d be much improved but I am starting anew as of today. Pls wish us luck on all fronts.

Fronts: sleeping,improved nutrition, excersize, moving, annnd Wedding plans! :ad

Everyday I’m amazed that sleeping right beside me is my best friend and I also get so excited that I stress out my body lol.

Lately we’ve been location hunting and talking about event details etc etc… oh, and petty arguments. Public quarrels r my specialty I found out…

My honey and I don’t usually fight so I just started to cry!
We ate lunch and rectified everything! (We pushed forward the wedding date which has helped create a sense of complete calm in Sarah’s head).

I know deep inside that P and I will be together for eternity so a few months won’t be a big deal, right?

I have a lot more to say but tonight I am going to bed…

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

<3 SarahD

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