A presence of crumply tin chairs

Posted on June 9th, 2009 2 great comments. Room for one more!

The crumply tin chairs and crumply tin tables at Dundas Square were again available tonight and I finally got to sit at one with a crumply six-dollar Stella.


The main show on stage was Disco Inferno who’s name left so little to the imagination that I couldn’t think of a word to write. I sat there certain that the scary security guard, who’s goatee alone would be considered a weapon, was peeking over my shoulder. It just wasn’t an environment conducive to concentration.

I gulped back the uninspiring lager and left the boozy oasis, seen here at back under the red umbrellas:


Note that Disco Inferno did actually have people doing the pushin’-up-the-sky dance (hold palms up and pump skyward – ooi! ooi!). If you can make out the detail above, there’s even an old lady getting out of her wheelchair in the middle of the crowd. Cured!

Here are the Inferno; numerous Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events having tuned their act to this singular moment of perfection:


Far too many people were hurting themselves trying to re-live their youth and I didn’t want to join them. I wandered off to the pedestrian part of the square where there hung a bunch of photographs on triangular mounts. I guess these were intended to allow for quick juxtaposition of adjoining images, allowing us to more broadly grasp the photographer’s vision, to understand the underlying narrative that they’re trying to convey, but they were still mostly boring. Here they are being ignored:


To be honest, there were a couple of cool crowd photos. But not many.

A friend notified me that a giant red ball is being moved about Toronto to various spots and I discovered that it will be in my neck of the woods soon.  Giant red ball wedged into city crevices. That just kinda writes itself.

So far Luminato at Dundas Square hasn’t been the outlandishly artsy event it’s been billed to be. Unless you count the L’Oreal makeup tent as art. But maybe I’m not giving it a fair shake. Maybe the ball will silence me with it’s glory.

2 Comments on “ A presence of crumply tin chairs ”

  • Mike Riley
    June 9th, 2009 11:53 pm

    Maybe it's the larger number of people in TO, as opposed to B-lo, but our outdoor concerts [esp. Thursday In The Square] seem to get more compelling acts. Then again, Blue is an import beer here.

    Saw the Red Ball page. Okay, it's a giant inflated ball. And it's jammed into some spots in Toronto. And L'Oreal helps sponsor it? Hey, we've got some abandoned factories down here, if they're interested. Make a great place to throw paint on the walls, set up a few addicts for "local colour", and bring tens-of-thousands of visitors, curious to see how low-down it can really get…shall we send you a press release?

    -Mike from B-lo

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  • madz
    June 10th, 2009 4:22 am

    The crowd is quite numerous :)

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