Jump up 2009! – part 2

Posted on August 3rd, 2009 2 great comments. Room for one more!

Already 4 hours into the parade and no sign of stopping:


I highly recommend grabbing a coffee or a Red Stripe before you continue. The photos go on as long as the parade did.


Great parade, but maybe next year a helicopter might be a better way to get around; I don’t think it’s getting any less popular.

2 Comments on “ Jump up 2009! – part 2 ”

  • RE- BadGalsRadio
    August 4th, 2009 3:59 pm

    aaahhhhh the peacocks, and the butterflies; aaahhhh mann.

    the wheels make it easy to move more now.

    in the old days you carried that whole contraption.

    yeah you needed a strong back and legs.

    you see those power units on the trucks. did you notice

    some of them come in from Trinidad ? yes the truck that won

    this year Mas in Trinidad as Road March King came in with the Laventille riddim section, steelpan band and the king. they brought it by boat, and them by plane – lol. think of how much that alone cost. the sponsor who paid us, Ken; told us how much he was spending to bring his march krew up from trinidad. mucho bucks. did you see them making the video ?

    you know there is a Caribana 09 Video out now.

    did you see Laventille – they turned it out I hear.

    bwoy the parade look nice eehh

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  • Patrick
    August 4th, 2009 4:55 pm

    To be honest, BadGal, I really wasn't watching the power units. Sorry.

    I was watching the crew names, though, especially when they were really mashing it up. Laventille wasn't one of the ones I saw, but to be fair, the crowd made me miss a few good chunks of the parade. Very possible they floated while I struggled for breath.

    Now in regards to that video you mentioned, I hope you don't think me too rude if I laugh – HAHAHA! No, seriously, there's no way I could've picked out any one specific person or group of people making a video. There were *SO* many cameras — ranging from those little pocket numbers to a guy with a digital video camera on the end of a twelve-foot pole (I really should post his picture) — that anyone making a video would've been indistinguishable from the guy making the video beside him. I myself am now probably in somewhere over half a million pictures and God only knows how many home movies.

    And not a single royalty fee. :(

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