Just a little G20

Posted on June 26th, 2010 No comments. The post is really that bad, huh?

Yes, the G20 protests are in full swing and there are photos and stories. However, I have another full day tomorrow and I somehow got myself involved with a Tweet20 meeting (you may be able to guess what’s that’s about).

So, until I get a chance to sit down and do it up properly, here’s the OCAP-led (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty), protest in hastily slapped-together videos.

My favourite was when the riot police came out in formation. :D

Everyone gathered at Allan Gardens…

…then they marched along Carlton/College Street (same street, it just changes name halfway through), to University Avenue where they turned south and were met with a pretty imposing group of riot police.

After the little standoff the group decided to head west along Elm Street. However, after dead-ending in the narrow street they decided to do a loop back to University and back onto College…

…and then we all went back to Allan Gardens for ice cream and songs around the campfire — we were all tuckered out. The protesters are currently camped out there and I can still hear them whooping it up.

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