Protest the protests

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I like a good protest as much as the next guy, and I’m definitely not above showing my support for the demonstrators when I think they have a point to make, but sometimes I have to question what they’re trying to achieve. Or if they bothered to give any thought to what they’re doing.

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If you read / listen to / watch the news, you’ve probably heard about the protests in Egypt.

I can honestly say that I don’t know the first thing about Mubarak or why people want him out of office, but I figure if there’s that many people screaming, shouting, and braving violence, they probably have a decent argument to support them. Then again, maybe my assumptions are making an ass out of me and me.

The so-called state of emergency that the guy’s had in place since, I believe, 1981, seems a little suspect if you ask me, and it’s not like politicians are known to be particularly honest or necessarily working for the good of their own people.

So, yeah, good on people for standing up for their rights. Except…

egypt protest, yds, yonge-dundas square, toronto, city, life

…who the heck are they talking to? And moreover, what the heck are they trying to achieve?

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It’s my understanding that Egypt doesn’t have a consulate in Toronto, and I’m certain that it’s not at the Eaton Centre, so what exactly is the point of screaming into megaphones at tourists and people heading home from work? (And why is it always the same grating woman leading the charge?)

I mean, if you support the protesters then they’re probably not saying anything new to you. If you don’t then their abrasive, sidewalk-blocking style probably isn’t likely to change your mind. And beyond all of this, do any passer-bys have the ability to do anything about it anyways?

If it’s political change they’re demanding, shouldn’t they be at Queen’s Park or, better yet, in Ottawa? If it’s a violent uprising they’re demanding, is the center of Toronto tourist area the best place to do it? If they’re trying to sway people’s opinions, is shrill screaming through megaphones the best way? Any ideas…anyone?

Hey, you wanna freeze your nuts off to wave your flag and vent, no skin off my ass. But if you’re actually trying to make a change, may I suggest that you start with a little thinking.

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  • Stanya
    February 9th, 2011 12:41 pm

    I agree with you Patrick when it comes to such a protest you are showing on your blog. Those people just want to show how much they like to protest for anything. If those protesting people are just Canadian they really have not much reasons to protest, support is nice but it certainly should be done different way. If they are Egyptian than I don't see any good reason staying on Yonge Str. and blocking the side walk either. They have quite few better options, either go to Ottawa like you mentioned, or write supportive letters to Cairo to somebody who has the power to do something about present situation or go directly to the Egypt (it is their country of origin) and scream there as much as they can, if it will help. I don't think Canada has something to do with the situation in Egypt, nor can stop what is happening there. Not even by political way. It is a business of Egyptian people, if they don't want this mega billionaire Mubarak to become even richer than he is now they might found the way to get rid of him and I would actually suggest if they are smart enough to confiscate all his possession. put him to the jail and let him work, to see how it taste to make real money.

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  • Patrick
    February 15th, 2011 8:32 am

    Of course I agree with you, Stanya. In fact, I don't think most of the affairs of other sovereign states are our business unless they affect us. The attitude that we should meddle in others' affairs is a colonial one, and it's why I call America a colonial nation.

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