Dangly bits

Posted on February 11th, 2011 No comments. The post is really that bad, huh?

Whenever I tell people I “do Flash” for a living, I get the inevitable blank stare, sometimes accompanied by a nod that suggests they might be imagining me walking down the street with nothing but a long overcoat and an evil grin.

While this may be true in my off hours, what I get paid for is considerably different:

You might recognize this as Mahjongg, or rather, a bastardized version of something closer to a memory/matching game rather than poker, which is what traditional Mahjongg is like. It’s what I’ve been slapping together over the past couple of weeks for Corus’  W Network to replace their existing game.

There’s more work to be done; this would be considered a pre-alpha version … playable but with some big pieces missing. After that it goes into alpha in which everything’s done and I test for hours and hours under the pretense of “work”. Then it’s in beta where the in-house testers and I exchange heated words and potentially fists over what constitutes “features”. After that it’s released to the public, exposed to the big wide world, just like my dangly trench coat buddy.

And now you know.

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