Oy vey, not ‘the Gays’…

Posted on June 22nd, 2011 No comments. The post is really that bad, huh?

Now, I am usually not public with my dislike for out new MAYOR (Robert Ford, ick!) but this one I MUST be vocal about. Now, I keep my personal issues with this chubby guy between Ollie and I but Ford’s latest elitist stunt has PISSED ME RIGHT OFF.

Now, he could have said a multitude of things such as “my wife is sick” or “I have a headache” but this one takes the cake.


A lame, elitest excuse such as a weekend to the cottage is no reason to skip out on this city’s MAJOR LGBT event, one that rakes in MILLIONS OF $$$, dollars he is bound to spend elsewhere, such as the refurbishment of his office, y’know, making it BIG ENOUGH to fit his large rear into.

If you ever find out just how the PRIDE dollars get spent, please let me know. I am already choosing my words for my letter the Mister Mayor’s office.


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