Pride: après le travail, le fun!

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After spending the afternoon sweating it up in our non-A/C’ed apartment, Sarah and I decided to skip the Pride parade. I didn’t shed any tears … I’d gone with tripod and sweaty brow in previous years and just didn’t feel like fighting the inevitable crush up Yonge Street.

Besides, the party on Church Street which, around Wellesley, is basically gay/lesbian-central in Toronto, is really the main event. Oh sure, you can enjoy your fill of assless-chaps along the parade route, but it’s really the after-parade party where the thing really gets going.

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I know some people are really uncomfortable with nudity, but letting it all hang out just makes so much sense in the heat.

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Much to the consternation of the vociferous anti-Pride people gracing the pages of the Toronto Sun today, I wasn’t able to find any gay recruitment centres, the presence of Satan come to reclaim his minions, or even any public fornication. Just fun, dancing, and a good time.

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The reported Ford bashing and incensed, raging infernos of Rob’s effigy also weren’t anywhere in sight. In fact, I found most people who had something to say about Toronto’s half-mayor did so with cheerful aplomb.

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Sarah and I eventually wound our way to Fuzion, a restaurant/bar that’s about as a Church-Wellesley as you can get, and where Sarah’s extensive network of friends once again surprised me as we were personally greeted at the front door by the owner. The atmosphere was great … the thumping house tunes took me back, the drinks went down easy, and even the “I’m just here to support my gay friends” crowd seemed to be having a good time.

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We sampled some sloppy street food with strikingly homosexual overtones on the way home. Good ending to a great night out, and absurdly apropos.

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Yeah, I suppose Pride might not be the march for rights and equality it once was, and yeah, it’s not as kid-friendly as the Santa Claus Parade. But if you ask me, the thing to do is get a babysitter for the night, take that rod out of your behind, and pretend like you’re capable of having a good night out. Cuz chances are pretty good that you’ll still be attracted to the same sex you were when the evening started, and you might even have had some fun.

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