School costs about to skyrocket and no one reporting on it

Posted on April 24th, 2012 No comments. The post is really that bad, huh?

Other than Michael Geist who mentioned it on his blog a couple of years ago, not a single Canadian mainstream media outlet has made so much as a peep about Access Copyright which, within a week, will see Canadian students paying upwards of 1000% (yes, that’s a thousand percent), on course materials.

Clearly no rush, and a thousand percent increase obviously isn’t worth reporting on. Nope.

That’s why you’d be hard-pressed to find anything on it except maybe in a few US tech blogs and publications (which astutely describe it as “insane” and “disastrous”). Students are about to be ensnared into paying through the nose for course materials, as are taxpayers who will be dragged into paying for the oppressive copyright regime sweeping the globe — and without any say or even notification. That’s right, everyone will be forced to pay, no questions asked.

This could almost be called a conspiracy theory if only it weren’t fact. And where is the illustrious mainstream media? Talking hard topics like the NHL, Harold the scumbag, erm, “Jewelry Buyer”, bullshit elections in Alberta, and Bev Oda’s continuing abuse of taxpayer money.

This is where our once great country is heading, folks; hope this helps to wake some of you up. These kinds of backroom abuses will just keep getting worse until we stand up and start fighting back — and bull-horning each other on the streets just ain’t doing the trick any more.

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