Ford re-election: done deal!

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The idea that Ford would easily win a re-election if ousted was making the rounds before the judgement was announced. And, of course, every fool pundit and their dog was claiming that, for sure, he would be re-elected. Hands down. No doubt.

After all, the people of Toronto love Ford and think he’s doing just a great job with everything!

Sites like have dedicated more than one column to propping up a man who, by his own admission, can barely tie his own shoelaces. The National Post typically marches in lock-step with the Ford dictatorship, so they’re not shy about showing their own support. And, of course, the Toronto Sun might as well be called The Rob Ford Daily, though that future is uncertain since he recently turned on them.

Yup, it’s pretty much a done deal … if Ford runs again, he’s a shoe-in and his ouster will just be  a huge waste of time! Easy!

Toronto Sun poll (November 26)

Toronto Star poll (October)

Toronto Star poll (November 26)

Metro News poll (November 26)

Globe and Mail poll (November 26)

Global Toronto poll (November 26)

Globe and Mail poll (October)

Hamilton Spectator poll (November 26)

So…yeah…there you go; when it comes to Ford, the bullshit just won’t stop. The media lackeys … erm … pundits, may not have learned that lesson, but at least it looks like the voters have.

2 Comments on “ Ford re-election: done deal! ”

  • Gary
    November 27th, 2012 8:38 am

    I agree that the re-election is not a done deal. In particular, there was a lot of apathy on the left when Ford was elected, with his supporters turning out in droves while his competitors split a non-enthusiastic vote. However, I also remember pre-election polls predicting a neck-and-neck race with Smitherman, which turned out to be way off the mark. Anything is possible.

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  • Patrick
    November 27th, 2012 4:14 pm

    True enough…nothing is ever a done deal and Ford could potentially, somehow, claw his way back. I posted this mostly to show what kind of support there is the day after he was tossed out of office (mostly it’s the punditry that irks me — what are they basing their opinions on?!) and, should he run for election again, hopefully the apathy that we witnessed last time won’t repeat itself (I think it’s fair to say he got the “lefties” fired up too).

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