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Hello again to the desk (bed… ) of SarahD!

On Monday at 10:32am Mayor Robert Bruce– who names their kid Bruce?) Ford got FIRED!! :-)
He intentionally breached the codes of office and a high court judge told him what was what.

The man who fires people at will clearly received the city’s retribution.

I have some questions for you all: do you think that he did what he did intentionally?

Given the dynamics of the Ford family, do you believe that played a part in the manner of Rob’s tenure as Mayor?

I frequently wonder if things would have been different had DOUG not had been sitting there telling him how to function lol.

Would Rob Ford have been a good Mayor of Toronto all by himself without Doug?

I can understand that family is family and they should be by one’s side however, Toronto did not elect a two-person Mayor…

My thoughts request your thoughts so feel free to write back!

Peace, love, and good health to you,

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