Mr. Ruby goes to the Supreme Court

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There’s a reason I chuckle and shake my head whenever “lefties” are described as pot-smoking hippy communists who haven’t done an honest day of work in their life and subsist solely off the government tit.

That reason is evident in all of the so-called “lefty” machinations against Ford, Harper, etc., -which have been ongoing and quite forceful for some time. I think it’s fair to include the Occupy protesters somewhere in the midst of this, as are the numerous court cases, protests, and other actions that are seeking to redress the wrong brought about by the “right”. I mean, that’s a shitload of work and effort to go through for a bunch of shiftless stoners, isn’t it?

In fact, it could easily be argued that the lazy “left” has put way more effort into getting their way in politics than the “right” which, at this point, has managed to put on a showing of maybe 20 people to support Ford’s subway plans in Scarborough (and that was a while ago). Of course, that demonstration was in support of the mayor so it was just and correct; anything that questions or stands in opposition is, naturally, evil, wrong, and must be outlawed at any cost (because that, according to the “right” is democracy).

In the meantime, the “left” continues its efforts in a way that proves that it’s in fact the “right” who are the lazy, shiftless armchair critics who wouldn’t lift a pinky to save their grandmother if it meant having to miss a second of their favourite nighttime television program. I would invite the “right” to argue this point, but recent history demonstrates quite clearly that, at the very least, they couldn’t be bothered to engage in anything but childish name-calling.

Consider, for example, the somewhat recent conflict of interest case against Rob Ford. Even though the mayor (I hesitate to use that term), was spanked for his actions, his inability or unwillingness to do anything differently (another prime “right” quality), has him repeating the same offenses immediately after being told they’re wrong. In the meantime, Paul Magder and Clayton Ruby, the people who proved without a shadow of a doubt that what Rob Ford did, and continues to do, was wrong, are now taking the case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The law, after all, is quite clear, and if it hadn’t been for the technicality on which Rob Ford squeaked by, he would no longer be in City Hall. Magder and Ruby are spending time, energy, and some might argue money, in order to ensure that everyone is equally held to account (this after years of trying to do the same). On the other side , in juxtaposition, we have an admitted ignoramus who wouldn’t expend the energy to learn how to write his own name.

According to the same “right”, the people working hard on a daily basis, sacrificing, demonstrating, being vocal and getting out there to demonstrate (or whatever), are the lazy ones, and the people making a mockery out of anything we would call government through their stupidity and inaction (then covering it up by ensuring no one can see their itinerary), lashing out against anyone trying to hold them to account, and making not-so-subtle slurs and insults from the comfort of their armchairs, are the “hard workers”.

I’m sure this will continue to be the trend. The blubbery “right” seems to be going on the alternate definition of the word (as in being correct), and that definition alone is enough to convince them that whatever slurs, insults, lies, falsehoods, coverups, and other crap coming out of the mouths of their leader must be accepted verbatim, without question, and certainly without any critical thought. That would, after all, require a little bit of effort.

I suppose I needn’t dwell on this incredible bit of hypocrisy. Regardless of what I say, Magder and Ruby are still toiling away pretty much pro bono to ensure that no one, especially people with more power, are able to openly and brazenly abuse that power (I’m sure that hidden and cowardly abuse is also be unacceptable). The “right”, on the other hand, continue to exemplify the laziest of armchair criticism, comfortable in their 47% “majority” (looking up the meaning of that word must take too much effort), and clearly believe that a dictatorship (again, a word they just can’t be bothered to learn), is just fine as long as they identify themselves as being on its side.

And it’s this one fact that I try to impress on anyone who feels like Ford’s side, however you want to identify it, is winning. He just has well-connected and corrupt friends, the same sort of sleazeball associations one might find in immensely corrupt and debased juridictions like Ford’s favourite, Chicago — a mob town top to bottom. We’ve seen that it’s people like Ford and his supporters who are the lazy and ignorant ones (Ford even came right out and said as much), so it’s only a matter of time until this system of corruption and stupidity comes crashing down. Whether’s it’s going to be an emboldened Ford committing some crime that even his supporters abhor (frankly, I’m not sure what that would be), or justice and democracy do win out in the end through concerted, long-term “lefty” efforts, the man and his cadre are going to go down in a spectacular way. My only hope is that it happens sooner rather than later.

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  • Daniel J. Christie
    March 20th, 2013 11:40 am

    Any lawyer, at any stage of their career, should strive to be heard, at least once in their lives, before The Supreme Court Of Canada. It’s the Big Contribution, the Master’s Thesis, the Crowning Achievement. Years ago a lawyer in Peterborough took on the case of Rev. Ken Ramsden (he of Rev. Ken & The Lost Followers) who was told by a Peterborough Public Utilities busybody that he, Rev. Ken (who is NOT a Rev of any kind) could not advertise his band’s gig at The Black Dog on utility poles because those poles were ‘private property’. Ah….no….they’re not. At least back then they weren’t. The poles belong to the public -hence ‘public’ utility. Anyway, the Supreme Court sided with Rev. Ken and a major precedent regarding free speech and the manner in which that free speech is diseminated became enshrined in law. What Rob Ford has done is to hand Clayton Ruby a gift. We await the decision regarding leave to appeal. Paul Magder (by way of this forum) deserves nomination to The Order Of Canada. Should the Leave To Appeal be successful, Mr. Magder and Mr. Ruby’s Ottawa expenses might be mitigated (by way of this forum) through a donation campaign funded by people who still cling to the belief that playing by the rules is important. Should that come about, my $100 is at your service. (Daniel J. Christie, Port Hope, On.

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  • Daniel J. Christie
    March 20th, 2013 11:51 am

    Link to Supreme Court Ramsden Decision:

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  • Mandl
    March 29th, 2013 8:31 am

    I wish there was some big shot lawyer willing to take the Liberals to cout pro-bono over millions in cancelled gas plants, billions in e-health and who knows how much more in the Ornge scandal. I guess they are all too busy going to the Supreme Court over $3000 in football equipment.

    I also eagerly await something……Mr. Magder writing a big fat cheque to Rob Ford and his lawyer :-)

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  • Patrick
    April 1st, 2013 9:01 am

    You have a point, Mandl … The Libs are certainly not angels and a little court case or two might be in order. But this kind of goes back to what I was saying — the “left” are maligned for being lazy and ineffectual when it’s clearly those pointing the finger that are like that (and they are, invariably, the “right” or neo-Cons).

    That being said, I can agree with you on this point — all levels of government need to be held to account, and it’s a shame that more pro bono lawyers aren’t up to the task.

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