Ford “pounds” Orthodox rabbis

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Or rather, he “pounded” out a thinly veiled threat to anyone opposing him (as Ford does), to a group of Orthodox rabbis. This, according to Councillor James Pasternak anyway. In any event, it was all re-election  this, casino that, pressure your Councillors the other. Blah blah.

True, I wasn’t there to get a gauge on the crowd so I don’t know how bothered they were by Ford’s diatribe and his “disheveled”  appearance, but I imagine that since they were there to discuss the Toronto Eruv (which, I’m taken to understand, is some sort of Jewish Sabbath cheating map), it probably wouldn’t have been appropriate.

Councillor Joe Mihevc said of Ford, ” he (almost) grabbed the mic … he did not do honour to our good city. He did not make people tremble with fear [over yet another election threat]. It was just an awkward and embarrassing moment.”


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  • Daniel J. Christie
    March 22nd, 2013 5:44 pm

    The Toronto Sun print piece (by Don Peat) did not include the photo of Rob Ford that appeared on the on-line edition this morning. The Sun web page, as of this minute is off line. Rob Ford, in the uncredited photo,appears a little too happy. He is sitting a la a gathered Council photo minus the Chain of Office with Karen Stintz to his immediate right looking quite pleased with the gathering -which includes at least one rabbi. Mr. Ford’s necktie is loose, sloppy looking, and he is smiling broadly. Doug Ford is looming over Rob Ford’s right shoulder. The whole thing struck me as slightly surreal, a kind of Woody Allen moment given the presence of orthodox rabbis in the midst of such broad humour. The Sun was not, in my opinion, kind to Ford. I sense a distancing happening. The thing is this: You can’t write this stuff. You can’t make up or predict what Rob Ford is going to do next. ‘Loose cannon’ doesn’t anywhere near cover the mayor’s antics. If I were Ford’s Chief of Staff I’d quit. I’d quit right now because “Rob Ford’s former Chief of Staff’ is not shaping up to be a sterling resume item. Frankly, as this bizarre epic continues, it’s a decided career black mark.

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  • Patrick
    March 23rd, 2013 10:45 am

    It’s entertaining at the very least, Daniel. That is, if you can get over the shame (and other negative feelings). I wonder if this is the beginning of a death spiral of some sort.

  • SarahD
    April 4th, 2013 9:47 am

    Death spiral? Baby You shouldn’t say such things cuz you really never know…
    His bad behavior is definitely going on a downward trajectory but he has to hit somebody with his car– err I meant hit rock bottom all by himself.

    In other news have you seen his wife?!?They both look like they used chemicals!

    <3 SarahD

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