Don Bosco questions Rob Ford’s presence

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Don Bosco, Rob’s old alma mater and the shining jewel in his infamous football foundation, is set to produce an official “will of the people”, of sorts, as both school staff and the community recently tossed around their feelings on the mayor’s involvement in the institution’s sports program (he coaches football there).

This follows a very public airing of grievances against Ford’s characterization of the community (and especially its black kids), as being poor, disadvantaged, and basically one step away from becoming drug dealers, pimps, and whores. Ford said similar things about other schools in his foundation, places like Forest Hill where the average income hovers at around $100K. Yeah, I know, it’s not rich by today’s standards, but it ain’t exactly no skid row neither.

And that reason is why the Don Bosco folks are talking about potentially putting the mayor out to pasture. The article didn’t impart the impression that the community is roiling with rage, but there’s definitely disquiet and unhappiness at being made out to seem like a ghetto (which it most certainly is not).

In case you can’t read between the very wide lines of this story: Rob Ford’s own school is claiming that the mayor misrepresented them, and are mulling kicking him out because of community disquiet. And these are his people, his old school, his old community.

2 Comments on “ Don Bosco questions Rob Ford’s presence ”

  • Daniel J. Christie
    March 28th, 2013 10:56 am

    I first heard the term ‘fireproofing’ applied to Rotary International several years ago. My contention always was and still is that Rotary promotes mediocrity. That is, if three candidates apply for a position in a firm run by a Rotary member, it it entirely possible to imagine that the least qualified candidate might get the job solely because they too are a member of Rotary. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. So, to allay that failure to promote by merit, Rotary sets about eradicating world wide polio or some other grand scheme that renders Rotary ‘fireproof’ from criticism. Rob Ford (his family is, as I understand it, deeply Rotary) has it down to a science: It’s about the poor, disadvantaged kids who, without Rob Ford wouldn’t have a reason to go to school. Rob Ford’s own Fireproofing. All that said, it sure is nice to finally see people realizing that Rob Ford’s whole football thing is, like Rob Ford himself, a scam. Worse, a scam for the sole benefit of Rob Ford. Can it get any sicker? You bet. Just watch him.

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  • Patrick
    March 28th, 2013 11:47 am

    The worst part, Daniel, is the sycophantic approval that Fordites have of everything Ford does. I agree that it will get much worse, and we can expect those sick individuals who think Ford is a great guy to come out of the woodwork and really feel emboldened by the freewheeling crimes of their leader. I just hope no one loses their lives.

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