We’re all paying for Hydro monopoly’s lies

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May 2006 – Toronto Hydro says get ready for another 20% hike increase in order to deal with “aging infrastructure”.

August 2007 – Toronto Hydro demands a 6.3% rate hike to deal with “aging infrastructure”.

March 2007 – Toronto Hydro seeks a rate hike of 6.3% to deal with losses incurred due to a loss in revenue because of a promotion to encourage customers to use less electricity (how inept are these people?!).

July 2008 – Toronto Hydro announces a rate drop because:

Hydro explains it managed to get the Ontario Energy Board to agree to some rate guarantees over a number of years, allowing the utility to ensure it will have enough money to refurbish its system and hire new employees to replace those who are retiring.

Hydro says it’s the first time the OEB has ever given them a multi-year approval. That agreement is part of what’s allowing them to plan for the future – and lower your costs in the present, at least for now.

August 2009 – Toronto Hydro applies for another rate hike to accommodate renewable energy and to deal with “aging infrastructure”.

April 2010 – Hydro plans another 15% rate hike to deal with “aging infrastructure”.

July 2010 – Hydro is successfully sued for illegally overcharging customers. Settlement says that if Hydro makes a mistake in repaying customers (wrong amount, wrong date, cheque never sent or received), they’re completely off the hook and the case is settled (i.e. the law says it’s okay for them to lie in order to weasel out of their obligations).

September 2010 – Hydro seeks rate increase of 4 to 5% to deal with “aging infrastructure”.

November 2010 – Hydro says prepare for rates to jump by almost 50% in order to deal with “aging infrastructure”.

March 2011 – Toronto Hydro posts record profits, directly as a result of rate increases.

November 2011 – Rate price increase after two years of increases amounting to 41% in order to deal with “aging infrastructure”.

January 2012 – Toronto Hydro demands yet another rate hike, threatening to fire all employees (except highly paid executives), and plunge the city into darkness in order to deal with “aging infrastructure”. The energy board rejects the plea, saying Hydro is essentially full of crap.

March 2013 – Toronto Hydro threatens more blackouts unless they’re allowed to gauge customers under the “aging infrastructure” excuse again.

April 2013 – Toronto Hydro raises rates again in order to deal with “aging infrastructure”. The Energy Board welcomes the January 2012 plan with open arms. Toronto now has the highest electricity rates in North America.

The fact that these numbers, and the excuses behind them, are so widely varied and apparently completely ineffectual  should be a direct indication of the open lies of Toronto Hydro. Their ongoing 5-year plan, a dismal failure since at least 2006 (if you believe them), to fix “aging infrastructure” seems to include only more and more rate increases, threats, and equipment failures / excuses.

Rates have risen by roughly 60% over the past 5 years, and Toronto Hydro is still running around fixing equipment failures that they continue to claim they can’t fix because they don’t have enough money. And because they’re a monopoly being propped up by political ignorance and corruption, your only choice is to refuse to pay this criminal tax.

Thank goodness Rob Ford is on the case!

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