Canada is being sold out from under us

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In case you didn’t believe that destroying Canada is run-of-the-mill for the Harper government…

… 33,000 companies and agencies who have applied to the federal temporary foreign worker program in Canada stretch to almost every corner of the economy, ranging from the biggest players in the finance and resource sectors to airlines, hotels, government agencies, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., according to documents obtained by The Globe and Mail.

The lengthy list of companies and groups, obtained through federal Access to Information laws, spans 475 pages and demonstrates how widely used the federal program has become since it was expanded in 2006 to help Canadian employers deal with shortages of specialized skills in Canada.

Yeah, sure, 1 out of 20 Canadians is out of work (if it’s measured the same way as it is in the US, that only means people actively seeking work and reporting to the government). Clearly we have no labour shortage. Clearly the Harper government continues to tell the truth about everything. Clearly nothing is wrong; now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  • Daniel J. Christie
    April 14th, 2013 9:22 am

    Let me just throw this out there: If there were a Temporary Foreign Mayor program, would you perhaps look a little more favourably on imported workers? Don’t get me wrong -the Harper Government is holding The Great Canadian Fire Sale. But there’s nothing new about it. When I was a locomotive engineer (train driver for gawd’s sake…) at CN and VIA and Jean Chretein had made the move to privatizing CN, first appointing the former head of Bombardier to run the show, things seemed fairly nationalistic. But it turned out to be a smoke-and-mirrors thing when an American, Hunter Harrison, was brought in (complete with a large team of non-railway, ex-Gulf War Marine vets, to gut CN, do the Asset Strip Two Step, and….skyrocket the stock price. Really? Canada didn’t have its own hatchet men? I find that a little hard to believe -especially in light of the RBC debacle. So…where’s Hunter Harrison and his imported, foreign worker ‘team’ now? You guessed it. They’re applying their highly specialized magic at CP Rail -creating train wrecks both metaphorically social and operationally real. (‘The National Nightmare’ something the CBC might think about producing -if any collective Canadian memory still lives at theCBC.) My apologies if I’ve derailed your thread. No pun intended.

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