My awesome DD with my man, my friends and great Thai food many moons ago…..

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Hi guys! it’s Sarah here trying for the 1,000 time to publish a successful  food review! lol

Now, my Double Date guests are a couple I met on FaceBook! Michael is a trusted friend for quite some time and he arrived in Toronto to visit me with his GORGEOUS wife Luana, a brazillian beauty!

Because I tell him all of the time how much I love this small place down the street called SABAI SABAI & drinks, he FINALLY  came to town! What a friend!

Patrick wondered about this strange dude that his girl talks to all the time! Always the bodyguard, Patrick and I  approached the table cautiously with me smiling like a fool! Seeing my friend Michel in person rocked my world and meeting his superstar wife was brilliant.

After introductions, we ordered. We decided on getting several tapas style sharable dishes to begin with. One Masaman curry with perfectly prepared shrimp delicious gravy, and some red peppers – $7; some sticky rice – $3.  Now, this curry dish is too spicy or my palate, however Luana practically devoured it! Michael then ordered our FAVOURITE  dish  Kal Soi with egg noodles and super tender chunks of beef, curry, veg, and for presentation sake some FLASHED FRIED noodles which gave the dish height, drama, and excitement! 8-11$ :D

To test his heat tolerance, I ordered what is usually the hottest dish on the menu, their Green Mango salad. With Thai Bird chilies and Habanero ones too secretly mixed in to the mélange, Michael claimed that it was not spicy whatsoever… We knew the truth though!

Dessert changes regularly but ranges between $5-7 and have some Thai flavor too, lemongrass frequently takes a staring roll.

In the end, we ordered half the menu many alcoholic drinks at 5-6$ each the total was still under $120  including tax and tip!

Split between 4 people we say, it is THE spot you should check the next time you are trying to make reservations.

Tip from me to you: call ahead because it gets busy! Order as much as you can! ;-)


~ SDot.


4 Comments on “ My awesome DD with my man, my friends and great Thai food many moons ago….. ”

  • SarahD
    May 9th, 2013 4:54 pm


    Say you were told about this place by Sarah in the wheelchair!

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  • Daniel J. Christie
    May 10th, 2013 9:56 am

    That’s what I miss about Toronto -the extensive variety of world foods all in one place. But…here in little Port Hope we have, thank goodness, Bulai -Taste of Thai, an established Thai restaurant in an old bank building that has changed the way many of the old rice pudding traditionalists think of food from far away. Give the hidebound WASP feel of this place I congradulate Bulai for hanging in agains all odds. The exceptional quality of the many diverse dishes is the reason, I’m sure. But I still miss Toronto for restaurants, no doubt about that.

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  • SarahD
    May 10th, 2013 2:30 pm

    Dearest Daniel,

    You are always welcome to visit us!

    I am very excited about your favorite restaurant too!
    We have a love of diverse foods and if time permits I’d love to visit Port Hope too!

    I know my posts here suck but I am trying my best to make use of the laptop all over again…

    I also run a different blog at

    Our goal is to conjoin the two asap.


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  • Daniel J. Christie
    May 11th, 2013 10:32 am

    First, Sarah, my thanks for your kind words. Second though, you discount my ability to discern a post that ‘sucks’. If your posts ‘sucked’ I would have been the first to tell you. They don’t suck. Not at all. And I often hang around the Sun’s Disqus board. THAT’S where posts that suck live, believe me I know. On a personal note, I’ve been given a 6-week reprieve from my chemo treatments (things are going well) and my wife and I are going to hop in the old Vive and head east -The Beaverbrook Gallery, lobster, Lunenburg, lobster, Halifax, lobster, PEI, lobster and Mike Duffy’s house, Charlottetown and the Confederation room and, of course lobster. So I’ll be slightly out of touch -my natural state actually. But I’ll be watching for your blog merge. When I get back I’m taking the plunge again. I’m determined to start a real small town newspaper. I did it once before in the early 90’s to great acclaim right after Conrad Black ruined the venerable Port Hope Evening Guide which got even worse when Stunned Media/Quebecor took over. Right now I survive on a facebook page simply called Port Hope Politics. It just doesn’t give me the buzz of holding a newspaper in front of me and I see that a woman just up the road in Millbrook is successfully running something called The Millbrook Times. When I get back I’m going to prevail upon her over lunch and get something going using her experience -not mine. Anyone who thinks life in a small town is quiet is mistaken. Not this town anyway. The local papers have stopped mentioning the times I get kicked out of Council meetings it happens with such regularity. We’ve got our own Rob Ford here except it’s a she and she’s underweight. But she’s still a bully -just like Robbie and his idiot brother. Again, my thanks to you and of course Patrick. Your voices are important. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.

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