Why Ford won’t, and can’t, be upfront about the crack thing

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This is what Sarah and I been hoping for for a long time. If you’re wondering why, just do a search for “Rob Ford” for a smattering of the crap that the man has loosed upon Toronto.

Unfortunately, the scrutiny and media attention are so fierce (and global), that Sarah has had to diminish her enthusiasm to a great extent (her Multiple Sclerosis takes a big hit with intense emotion). Nevertheless, we’re both keen to see this thing follow through, video evidence and all. (and how about a drug test?)

So needless to say, we discuss Rob Ford regularly, and we try to bounce ideas about his “shortcomings” off each other — the kinds of things big/mainstream media are not willing to touch.

One of the issues, now that the scandal has exploded and the shrapnel is coming back down to earth, is Ford’s refusal to deal with any of the allegations directly. Of course, we’re not the only ones to notice this, but so far nobody’s speculating about why this is the case.

I suppose that’s fine because it gives us something to ruminate over, though it certainly does make the media seem like “lame ducks”.

So the conclusion that we came to is somewhat simple and probably pretty obvious: Ford doesn’t want any additional scrutiny on the scandal because he’s afraid of all the damaging facts that may emerge — and for good reason!

When you consider this in the context of Ford scandals (the Florida drinking and driving charge, the drunken tirade at a Leafs’ game, etc.) it makes perfect sense. No matter how many times Ford tried pointing the finger at the media for unearthing these unfortunate incidents, and moreover, vehemently and aggressively denying them, it eventually turned out that he was the one lying, openly, on camera, and on record. Repeatedly, unapologetically, and overtly.

In fact, there hasn’t really been a single Ford scandal that’s been shown to be untrue — so why are we expected to believe a known public liar like Rob Ford now?

Drug dealers may not necessarily be the most reliable sources, but given Ford’s track record of nearly 100% lies and denials, plus that little thing of the clear-as-day video evidence, not to mention all those additional rumours, make their story seem a whole lot more convincing than Ford’s singular and exclusive rebuttal of “ridiculous!”

So now that the latest scandal has emerged — and let’s face it, this one’s a doozie — it’s no wonder Ford is refusing to answer any questions, launch any lawsuits, or challenge any of the assertions except to call them ridiculous. It also explains why Ford insists that it’s him who should be taken to court when he’s being libeled and misrepresented.

I mean, it’s either that, or the man is a complete idiot. I suppose that could be the case too, but such abject incompetence is yet another reason why Rob Ford is in no way fit to be mayor of what is otherwise a fantastic and thriving city.

3 Comments on “ Why Ford won’t, and can’t, be upfront about the crack thing ”

  • Daniel J. Christie
    May 18th, 2013 4:49 pm

    Are the Fords negotiating as we speak to buy the video? Why is Doug so uncharacteristically silent all of a sudden? Where is the lawyer in all of this? Why has the lawyer not advised a public statement of denial? Or has he but The Brothers refuse to take the advice? Are both Doug and Rob crack freaks and if they can just let enough time pass they’ll both volunteer to be tested and proclaim their innocence when found ‘clean’? Can we expect the lawyer to withdraw next week because neither of the brothers will come clean -even with their lawyer? This much we know: The longer the silence hangs around, the worse it gets. There’s no fix for this. And there’s no fix for stupid.

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  • Patrick
    May 19th, 2013 8:09 am

    I’m not sure if they’re negotiating with so much as hunting down the source of the video. At least that’s what I’m given to understand.

  • Patrick
    May 21st, 2013 12:13 pm

    My guess, Daniel, as to why the Fords are so mum, is that this one hit way too close to home and instead of relying on Rob’s characteristic buffoonery, they’ve decided to pull back, re-group, and come out as a single, solitary, all-denying unit.

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