As City Hall bleeds…

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Lost among the tumult of Rob Ford’s office staff leaving is a Globe piece about brother Doug that exposes more rot surrounding the Ford family tree at City Hall.

We learn that Doug is now the only member of a 13-person Build Toronto board after all of his colleagues quit for one reason or another.

Build Toronto is the group that’s supposed to be revitalizing the east-end waterfront; you know — the people behind the monorail, water hotel, and the Ferris wheel ideas. And just like his brother, Dougie is now trying to get his lapdogs into every vacant position on that board (it’s not hard to guess why):

The prospect of [Doug’s short-listed candidate] Mr. Kraljevic taking over at Build Toronto is a cause for concern among citizen groups who worked for years on plans for the Lower Don Lands only to have them threatened by Mr. Ford and Toronto Port Lands.

“How is this okay?” asked Cynthia Wilkey, chair of the West Don Lands Committee, a coalition of community groups that has worked for more than a decade on the waterfront development.

Ms. Wilkey said she was “gob-smacked” that the head of an agency that flouted the will of council is under consideration for a job managing a large city-owned real estate portfolio.

This must be the Fords’ definition of building a consensus.

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