“The Three Easy Steps to Ultimate Success” (abridged version), pt.4

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…continued from previous part.

Thanks for hanging in there, dear reader. I know that this hasn’t been an easy journey; three parts and I haven’t even covered anything practical yet!

But don’t worry, we’re getting to that now that we’ve covered the prerequisites: inquisitiveness, hope and vision, but not too much — make a plan B!

But how, exactly, to go about doing that?

Glad you asked :)

Step 4 – The Road To Ultimate Success®

university of toronto, st.george campus, convocation hall, cn tower, skyline, toronto, city, life(big!)

First, survey the landscape before you. Look up, above the screen. What do you see?

Don’t cheat now!

Was that inspiring? Did you see something that makes you want to sit here and continue to look at that? If so, I just totally wasted your time. Carry on :) But if not, why not?

Because, you have to plan your escape, that’s why! Planning is so absolutely rudimentary to everything that I don’t really even feel a need to cover it. There are lots of books out there to help you organize your papers, your wallet, your love life, etc., but none of them lead to Ultimate Success®. That’s because Ultimate Success® hinges on a simple Point-A-to-Point-B system.

For this you need nothing more than a piece of paper and a pencil. Or pen. A drawing or writing instrument of any kind.

One one end of the paper, draw a circle. Do so now if you’re really participating here because the next sentence tells you what this is all about.

Okay, so that’s you.

If it’s a bit wobbly, you probably just need to stand up for yourself a little more.

university of toronto, st. george campus, main hall, quad, field, toronto, city, life

Next, draw another circle on the other side of the paper. Again, the next line is the give, so do so now if you’re playing along.

Right. And this is that thing that you determined in Step 1. Okay? You have you on one end, your goal on the other. How do you get there? Simply connect the dots – draw a line from you to your future. Straight and narrow. Go ahead.

Great. And now cross that line out and scribble crap all over it. Go on. Just destroy it. Because that is just not going to happen. You’ll have to improvise in the field, so just try to be as prepared as possible: a good flashlight, some nutritious seed/nut/fruit bars (snacking on one right now – incisory goodness!), some cash, good coat, you know … stuff like that.

So this is once again where inquisitive skepticism will come in handy. What’s the weather forecast? What do you see when you look outside? What’s your gut telling you? Are the birds on the wire looking nervous? Maybe they’re packing heat.

And as regards secondary planning, the proverbial plan B, that’s a great idea. I had one once (plan, that is; ideas not yet forthcoming), maybe twice. That’s not based on memory, I just figure it’s statistically probable. Regardless, I’m sure it came in handy, so I’m recommending it.

university of toronto, st. george campus, entrance, rock carving, adornment, thinking, toronto, city, life

Step 5 – The Road To Recovery

I’m so sorry, dear reader, but I simply can’t help interjecting something at this point – surely you’ve heard the news about Adam Giambrone. Oh, old Jammers, I knew he wasn’t mayor material, but a sex scandal?! Neat! Ten days into the race. Out of a ten month race, if I recall correctly. Not even two weeks in. I don’t think you need to be new-media-savvy to have seen something catastrophic coming.

And now he has to help the TTC fix its image problem. Huh.

By the way, that link, if you can watch, is a lot of fun; some Toronto dissing and awesome commentary like, “If you wanna cheat on your girlfriend, knock yourself out, but don’t cheat on voters. That’s the, that’s the troubling thing.” (right near the end) When media people are catty like the host was, it usually means they’re jealous it’s not happening in their own town. Yeah, they should be; political sex scandals are media gold I tells ya! (Jammers’ web page has been down for quite a while now.)

university of toronto, st. george campus, harbord street, building, corner, toronto, city, life

And now everyone’s flinging the stupid stick. See? That’s why I wake up to talk radio. I’ll miss you, Bill Carroll! :(

Anyhow, I happen to agree with the morning show host’s opinion, it was Jammers’ own fault – it’s public office, not private office. But the lesson to take away is that, if this is something that Jammers is passionate about, he’ll be back. Even if he ends up getting tossed out as TTC chair (cuz’ he kinda broke confidentiality). And in this city, no one gives a shit if he’s bi. He’ll learn from his missteps and have at ‘er again, the same way you, dear reader, will have to learn from any mistakes that my advice produces. I don’t guarantee a single thing here; that’s the power of Ultimate Success®!

Finally, Adam did exactly the right thing by taking some time off. I can personally swear to the efficacy of simply throwing it down — whatever it is — and walking away. Come back, of course, but all in good time. You can’t be away from something you love for long! And have an ice cream while you’re out.

Maybe pick up the new “Ultimate Success Magazine”™ while you’re out there too — probably something interesting in there.

Continued in next part…

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  • Kato
    February 15th, 2010 3:40 pm

    Lovely pics and uh oh Mr. Giambrone!

    Cheat on your girlfriend but not on the voters? Wow. That was beautiful.

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  • Patrick
    February 16th, 2010 8:17 am

    Wasn't it just, though, Kato? I've been trying to get off politics for a couple of days but they just keep throwing this stuff out there! :D

  • Desertboots
    February 7th, 2011 10:11 pm

    Reply I must!!!

    rgwew really is nowhere else I love more than life that UofT or NYC. They sole my heart as a young'n… i do mean around 8…

    We shall do the official grad tour one day soon…

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