Military drones: buzzing your home real soon

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You’ve probably read the hubbub about the US’ use of drones in Afghanistan.

In case you haven’t, drones are the unmanned, remote controlled planes that the US has taken a liking to in order to kill people abroad with basically no risk to their own personnel. And the Americans are killing lots of innocent people in their incessant search for those scary terrorists. Lots.

Obama even has an extra-judicial “kill list” for the people he feels need to get blowed up real good.

Obviously, with Al Qaeda hiding in people’s assholes, it’s necessary to bring a barrage of indiscriminate hell fire down on those turban-wearing heathen overseas (and put electroshock collars on any suspicious Americans at home, just in case) .

Those terrorists sure are scary, aren’t they? So are all those criminals lurking just outside everyone’s doors in the bushes. That’s why it’s necessary for the TSA pedophiles (sorry, “authorities”), to rape (sorry, “search”) you at random anywhere you may go now, and why it’s also become necessary to deploy those drones domestically. And of course they need to be armed (despite assurance to the contrary).

Okay, so why am I talking about this?

Well, a blog post I wrote earlier this year seems to really be hitting a nerve with readers, and I think those same readers would be shocked to see what’s just around the corner right here in Canada (the stuff I mentioned in that post is just a drop in the bucket).

Although I don’t like to discuss bummer subjects like this, it’s best we all get to collectively standing up against the crap that Harper and his Conservative buddies have in store for us (to be fair, the Liberals are just an arm of the same group of criminals these days).

You see, biggie defense contractor Raytheon put in a bid, a while back, with the Canadian military, which was actively seeking its own fleet of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). On the surface, this might seem like a good thing — we gotta bomb the shit out of Afghanistan, don’t we? Even if you agree with that, you have to question where exactly those UAVs would be used since Peter MacKay announced (about half a year back), that we’re getting out of Afghanistan.

It would’ve been speculation, of course, that UAVs would be used domestically here in Canada in the same capacity as in the US, without some sort of official-sounding documentation. I figured the government’s own website would be fairly official:

Beyond Afghanistan:

A long term UAV solution, in the form of the Joint UAV Surveillance Target Acquisition System (JUSTAS) Program, is currently being developed that will include domestic and deployed operational UAV capabilities.

By the way, you may want to have a look at, and save, the link soon: When I originally researched this story, I had linked to the desktop version of that tidbit and it’s since mysteriously disappeared.

Of course, the story doesn’t end with announcements for future plans. The Canadian military is in full swing and purchasing fully weaponized UAVs for a variety of missions (to be deployed at home at some point, keep in mind).

But at least the domestic deployment not happening yet, is it?

Of course it is.

RCMP are now deploying their drones over Manitoba, claiming they’re just for monitoring traffic accidents and dangerous situations. Maybe the drones are actually for those pesky environmental “terrorists”? They’re already flying in Ontario looking for drugs, which is an excuse to do just about anything these days. And yes, it’s both law enforcement and military flying the sky-bound killing machines for use right here in Canada and abroad (including places pretty far away from Afghanistan).

In fact, if you do a search on Google, it’s a good bet that you’ll find plenty of additional information that I missed — it’s almost commonplace now (if you’ve been paying attention).

And do I believe that these things will be deployed over Toronto any time soon? I’d be shocked to hear that they haven’t been buzzing my apartment for quite some time now. And that goes for every atrocious activity that the US is engaged in domestically too — Harper’s track record demonstrates he gets all wet at the mere thought of it all.

Surveillance and possible death from above, unlicensed proctology from below — the future sounds like a big ball of fun!

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